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Who is Demonia? How is Their Quality? Are They Comfortable? Everything About Demonia!

Alternative Shoe Brands - Let's Learn More About Demonia

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Who is Demonia Footwear? What is Their History?

Established in the 1990’s by parent company Pleaser, Demonia is a Southern California-based alternative footwear brand that is famous for its wide variety of boots, sneakers, and platform shoes. Catering to a broad market, Demonia utilises both synthetic and genuine leather in many assorted styles to allow for all shoe lovers to enjoy their shoe options. For Goth, Punk, Steampunk, and other alternative styles, Demonia footwear is hugely popular for all occasions. Whether you need a black combat boot for a costume, a cool cobweb-design sneaker for work, or a chunky platform creeper for your next concert, Demonia is hard to beat!

Are Demonia Shoes Good Quality?

We rate the range of sturdy and solid Demonia shoes at a 7/10! All shoe types on offer are made to a high-quality standard; however, they are not what we would consider everyday shoes. Ideal for special occasions, your Demonia boots are more suited to occasional wear at a festival or party, rather than in all-weather terrain and frequent wears. While they are constructed well and from high quality materials,

quality of Demonia  Demonia boots can degrade if they are not treated correctly.

Wear them to your next wedding, costume event, or festival and be sure to follow the Demonia aftercare guide to keep them perfect for your next wear!

Are Demonia Brand Shoes Comfortable?

Demonia shoes are comfortable for all day wear at your party, festival, and other events! While some styles will need to be worn-in to be at their most comfortable, as a whole Demonia shoes are easy to wear for hours on end!


how comfortable is Demonia?  Made to be worn by alternative style enthusiasts, these shoes are constructed from the best materials available that shapes to your foot and allows for a secure, comfortable fit.

Ensure you have a good fit, keep any laces tied securely, and you’ll be wearing your Demonia boots from dawn till dusk with no problem at all!

For the best tips on how to walk in platform boots, check out our handy blog post and keep your balance!

How About Design?

We rate the design of Demonia footwear a solid 10/10! With so many different options, you’ll be able to find the perfect shoe style to match your vibe easily! With a catalogue featuring not only different styles of combat boots, platform sandals, chunky heels, and cool sneakers and creepers, Demonia caters to every subculture. Always ready to adapt to new trends.

styles of Demonias  Demonia consistently releases new styles of shoes, as well as new upper options, to keep all customers happy and well dressed!

From dedicated women’s and men’s styles to unisex versions available, Demonia is an inclusive brand! There’s no need for labels when you wear your Demonia’s!

Are Demonia’s Cost Efficient?

Demonia shoes are a cool 8/10 for cost! High quality, exceptional designs at affordable prices is the cornerstone of the Demonia brand and means that a huge customer base get to enjoy this alternative brand without breaking the bank! With each item reasonably priced and made to last, Demonia shoes are an accessible style for the masses that doesn’t compromise on quality for cost!

Let's Compare Demonias with Other Brands

Demonia has some competition in the alternative shoe market; let’s compare them: •

Demonia vs New Rock

Demonia vs New Rock

While New Rock brand can be considered higher quality, they are extremely expensive and sadly do not offer the same huge range that Demonia can. This means you have less styles to choose from and are paying more!

QUALITY four stars five stars
COMFORT four stars five stars
COST & EFFICIENCY five stars three stars
five stars
four stars

Demonia vs T.U.K Footwear

demonia vs t.u.k. footwear

T.U.K. footwear brand offers similar price and similar quality with fewer options to choose from, you may not find the style that suits you best! T.U.K footwear specialize creepers shoes, Demonia also has many creeper-style shoe options but also has Combat boots, platform Mary Janes, steampunk boots, over-the-knee boots, rave styles, and more!

QUALITY four stars four stars
COMFORT four stars four stars
COST & EFFICIENCY five stars four stars
five stars
three stars

Demonia vs KOI Footwear

demonia vs koi footwear

Growing in popularity, KOI Footwear brand is a cheaper option available and good quality, but sadly does not offer a large range in their styles. This is unfortunate, as they could make a larger splash in the alternative shoe market with a wider offering!

QUALITY four stars four stars
COMFORT four stars 5 tars
COST & EFFICIENCY five stars four stars
five stars
3 stars


While other alternative shoe brands also have much to offer, there is little that can beat the huge range, cost efficient and high-quality items offered by Demonia. Ideal for many events, Demonia can be worn at your alternative wedding, on a day out at a music festival with friends, deep in the mosh pit at midnight, and everywhere in between! Do you know Celebrities who wear Demonia boots?

Demonia is the leader in alternative shoe fashion, and for good reason! With an ever-expanding catalogue of new styles available, there are shoe options available to match every fashion subculture. Made of high-quality materials, Demonia are affordable and durable shoes that will keep you looking your best no matter what style you love.

For Goths, the amazing range of knee-high combat boots and vintage-inspired creepers are to die for! If you are more of a Punk, there is a pair of chain or stud decorated sneakers that are perfect for a night in the mosh pit or for exploring the city. Regardless of which subculture is your favourite, the Demonia boots, shoes and high heels on offer are the best on the market!

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