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      Let us help make your costume as epic as possible with our wide collection of Cosplay and Costume Shoes!

      With styles ranging from Holiday themed items such as Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, and more to popular culture-inspired items like Dorothy’s red glitter slippers to Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate costume boots; there is something for every occasion available here! Whether you are a cowboy exploring the Wild West, a retro Pin-Up star, or a witch ready to cast a spell, your Cosplay and Costume look is going to be taken to the next level with the addition of some spectacular Funtasma shoes!


      An ever-growing phenomenon, the Cosplay scene is constantly evolving to include new and interesting subcultures. From anime, cartoon, and comic book characters to film, video game, and tv sources, there is an inspiration to be found everywhere! No matter the inspiration, we can help you stand out from the crowd with your new favorite pair of Cosplay heels!


      • Superhero boots: From classic comic book superheroes like Superman and Batman to your favourite film versions such as the X-Men; there are men's and women’s boots to serve every cause!
      • Villain boots: When you turn away from the heroes and want to let your bad side take over, a dramatic boot is exactly what you need! From Poison Ivy Gogo boots to sturdy shoes worthy of Gaston, you’ll have the exact shoe ready to go to complete your costume!
      • Pirate boots: Swashbuckling your way across the high seas on adventures is easy with a selection of brown and black boots available to match your Captain Jack Sparrow or Anne Bonny style!
      • Medieval Era Boots & Shoes: From Knight boots to make you ready to fight for your King, to Robin Hood boots perfect for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor; your every need is covered from the simple to the ornate!
      • Steampunk boots: From Dieselpunks to Cyberpunk and everything in between, a Victorian heel, combat boot or ornately decorated ankle boot is sure to fit any style you love! In a range of colours and catering to both men and women, the possibilities are endless for your individual style needs!
      • Mafia & Gangster Shoes: Whether you need a pair of black and white dress shoes to complete your transformation into a 1940’s mafia boss, or a pair of sexy Mary Jane Flapper heels perfect for a dame in distress; there is something for everyone in the chain of command!
      • Ancient Egypt & Greek Shoes: From strappy Spartan Heels that King Leonidas would envy to dramatic and sexy sandals fit for a Queen of Egypt; this assortment of Cleopatra heels and Roman sandals is the stuff of legends!
      • Wonder Women Boots: Whether you are aiming for Princess Diana of Themyscira and her Amazon sandals or the red boots famously worn while wielding the Lasso of Truth, we’ve got you covered!
      • Harley Quinn boots: With mysterious black and white heels to wear fresh from the asylum, or the duel coloured red and black boots you’ll need for keeping up with Puddin’; you can create any version of this cheeky character for yourself with ease!
      • Renaissance shoes: To showcase the artistry and style of the era, this mix of men’s knee-high boots and women’s ankle and mid-calf boots are perfect for costume parties and beyond!
      • Halloween Shoes: From clown shoes and disco platforms to skeletal high heels and blood-splattered pumps, no matter what costume you choose, your Halloween style is guaranteed to be a hit!
      • Santa boots: Always be prepared for St Nick season with your own pair of thick black knee-high men’s boots! Wide calf or tall shaft; no matter your need there is a boot with white fur trim available for you!
      • Gogo boots: The fashion of the swinging 60’s and 70’s are never far away with this collection of colourful red, blue, pink, metallic, and more women’s boots! With platform boots and wide calf options available, every flower child will be ready to let loose!
      • Post Apocalyptic boots: With Mad Max boots to carry you across the wasteland and combat boots galore, you’ll be ready to survive even the harshest terrain!