About Us

We adore fashion and embrace the way we can express ourselves on the outside to reflect our creative notions on the inside. To that end, alternative fashion and avant-garde designs are our absolute favourites.

We started OtherWorld Fashion in 2015 because we couldn’t find dramatic, well-made alternative clothing that was affordable. So, with that in mind, we took matters into our own hands. With the growth of the business, in 2018 we decided to branch out and offer affordable, sexy alternative footwear through our new store, Otherworld Shoes!

With our headquarters in beautiful, sunny Queensland, we aim to deliver high quality shoes (Demonia, Pleaser, and more!) with the fastest possible shipping in Australia.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this website and find well-made and fabulous footwear at prices that will be as comfortable for you as the shoes.

OtherWorld now has you covered from tip to toe!


Matt - Chief Executive Officer

Excited about making alternative fashion accessible for all, Matt is a big lover of awesome shoes and started this business because it is his passion!

Starting with Otherworld Fashion and branching out into the world of wonderful shoes, Matt is the owner, brains, and talent behind keeping the store on its toes! Always working to keep the shop running like a track star, Matt is the head of the operation and the heart.

Matt can be found dressed to the nines at events, making new friends in the industry, and working hard in his office to get you the hottest new shoe styles!

EMILY - CHIEF operations officer

From drinking far too much coffee and writing about shoes to packaging them up and sending them on their way, Emily is the point person for all your shoe-related queries!

Our head of Customer Service, Emily is the person you’ll speak to about finding your perfect fit, shipping queries, and anything else you need to know. You’ll also find Emily writing blogs about all things shoe-related, as well as the product descriptions for every pair!

Multitasking is the name of Emily’s game, and sometimes she even does it well!


We take security very seriously here at Otherworld Shoes, and with Gustav as our Head of Security your shoes are as safe as can be! Sniffing out treats and mischief faster than you can say flash sale, Gustav keeps a watchful eye and wagging tail over all aspects of Otherworld Shoes.

If his clever mind doesn’t stop anything suspicious in its tracks, his big puppy eyes sure do! While Gustav might not know the difference between a sandal, stiletto, and a slingback style, he sure understands how to keep the staff and stock safe!