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      Platform Heels: Sexy and Comfortable

      Platform Heels are the ultimate way to add height to your frame and a showstopping element to any outfit!

      Whether you choose a platformed ankle boot, a wedged sandal, or a hidden platform pump, there is a shoe to suit your every fashion need with available styles including Retro, Classic, Sexy, Gothic, Steampunk, and Formal! Turn heads wherever you go and indulge your fashion interests when you own your own piece from this collection of high-quality, cruelty-free vegan heels!

      From block stilettos to wedges and strappy sandals, the extra inches you’ll gain by the addition of a platform heel are only beaten by the extra confidence you’ll gain! With classic and elegant styles such as the Peep Toe Stilettos ready to add timeless beauty to your wedding or formal outfit and fun, funky costume shoes like the glittery Mary Jane Pumps available to make you stand out in the crowd, every occasion is covered!

      With fast and free shipping on all Australian and New Zealand orders, easy exchanges, and Afterpay available, you’ll be on-trend and ready to go with the click of a button!

      Are platform heels more comfortable than other high-heel styles?

      Yes, they certainly can be! With the platform of the shoe helping to distribute your weight more evenly, this style of shoe can be a great choice for events where you are standing on your feet for long stretches of time.

      For the ultimate comfort, wedge and block platform heels varieties are the most comfortable choice as there is more surface area for weight to be shared over, while a classic heel will leave the balls of your feet taking the most stress and weight. Similarly, even stiletto heel platform shoes are often described as more comfortable than their flat sole counterparts, as the angle of the foot is less dramatic with a platform and therefore easier to navigate.

      Is it harder to walk on platform heels?

      Like any high-heeled shoe, there is a technique to learning to walk confidently and comfortably in a platform pump.

      While a stiletto heel option might need some practice to master, the thicker heel of the Mary Jane Pumps for example are easy to get used to! In the same way, the extra comfort and security found in an ankle boot such as the Delight-1020 make walking with extra height simple!

      Can I wear platform heels in my daily life?

      They are very easy to incorporate into your everyday style! Whether you are looking for something dramatic or something simpler, we have just the thing for you!

      Perfectly paired with a sundress or a pair of casual jeans, the Lip-109 platform heels in cream or black are versatile and beautifully elegant for day wear while also being suitable for transition into an evening look! Another very popular option for everyday fashion is the Kera-08; a Goth platform Mary Jane shoe that will make your punk heart happy!