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      Bordello: Seductively Sexy Shoes for the Stage and Beyond!

      Bordello shoes are among the most beautiful and flirty shoes available, perfect for encouraging your inner burlesque dancer and showgirl to take centre stage! Whether you are a professional performer or just looking for something showstopping to elevate your special occasion, work, or formal event look, Bordello women’s shoes are sexy and playful for all occasions!

      Where can I wear my Bordello Shoes?

      Bordello high heels are an extravagant and dedicant indulgence that is perfect for showing off your impeccable fashion sense! Designed with classically feminine style in mind, these high heels are a woman’s sexy evening shoe that will make the centre of attention at any formal occasion, wedding, or stage performance. Whether you are making date night a spectacular event, marrying the love of your life, or taking the stage by storm, the Bordello brand is a name you can trust to make you the star of the show!

      What styles of shoe are available?

      Bordello shoes offers a range of stiletto high heel platform pumps in both open toe and closed, as well as whimsical kitten heel Victorian boots and sequined Gogo boots! Whether you are looking for a modern and sexy high heel or a fun and playful retro boot, the Bordello shoes collection has something for everyone! From neutral tones of cream, black, baby pink and white to bright pink, purple, blue and red; the colour options available will ensure you can always find your favourite! With a range of upper options including glitter, rhinestone, gloss, matte, and sequins, finding the perfect texture in a Bordello shoe to match your look has never been easier!

      How soon will I receive my Bordello Shoes?

      We know how hard it is to wait for your new favourite bordello shoes, so we offer the fastest free shipping in Australia to ensure that all our domestic customers in Australia and New Zealand receive their new Bordello shoes as soon as possible! With Zip Pay and Afterpay options available to ensure your Bordello shoe purchase is finalized as smoothly as possible, you no longer need to wait to have your own pair of sexy evening shoes in your hands!