High Heels for Men (Up to size 17)

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      Men's Heels: Pleasure with Pain

      Comfortable, attractive and durable high heels for men is a growing industry, and with the wide variety of styles and opportunities to wear them available, it comes as no surprise! With an ever-growing market and a strong demand, men’s high heels in Australia have transformed from a limited market to one that is brilliantly mainstream!

      At Otherworld Shoes, we believe in drag Queen shoes, fully exploring your passions and doing so with as much confidence and comfort as possible! Available up to a size 17, this collection of men’s high heels is a varied assortment of styles and colours that cater to your every need! Explore your inner diva or blend in with the crowd; no matter your desire, you will always find your perfect match!

      Are Your High Heels Available in Men’s Sizes? Are They Comfortable?

      Yes, many of our high heel styles are available in extended sizing up to a size women’s US 16, meaning anyone who wears up to a men’s size 14 should be able to find a comfortable shoe for them! If you require an extra wide fit, our dedicated wide-width shoe collection has many styles that are suitable for a wider foot without compromising the gorgeous design! A popular choice for Drag Queen high heels, high heels for men, or unisex high heels for transgender people, this collection includes a healthy mix of sexy, playful, and demure heels to suit every occasion!

      Who Can Buy Your Large Size Shoes?

      At Otherworld Shoes, we believe everyone is entitled to gorgeous footwear, and our assortment of large-size shoes is open to everyone to enjoy! Whether you are a cross-dresser, transgender, a drag queen, a burlesque dancer, a high-heel lover or just want to try something sexy in the bedroom, our shoes are for you! With discrete packaging available to keep your purchase safe from prying eyes, each delivery will feel like your own sexy surprise!

      Looking for the Perfect Drag Queen Shoes? We Have You Covered!

      No matter where your style inspiration comes from, we have exactly what you need to feel confident and ready to slay the stage! With options including sexy thigh-high boots, platform heels, ankle boots and more, the possibilities are endless! From shimmering glitter boots in gold, pink, blue and black to colourful sandals in shades of red, silver, cream, blue and chrome, there is the perfect drag queen shoe to match every outfit! With some styles available up to a size 17 Women’s / 15 Men’s, there is something for everyone!

      Love Thigh High Boots but not Sure About The Calf Size?

      We have many different styles of thigh-high boots available, including a selection of wide calf-width boots to ensure a comfortable fit. From those looking for men’s high heels and boots comfortable for transgender high-heel wearers to plus-size women and more, we are confident that you will find a suitable shoe that fits you best in our collection!