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Large Size Women's Shoes & Heels

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      Maximum Confidence with Large-Size Women's Heels

      The key to wearing a statement large-size shoe with maximum confidence is to find a pair that fits you perfectly and suits your every need! In the Otherworld Shoes Large Size Women’s Shoe collection, there is the perfect heel, boot, flat and pump for every occasion!

      Available up to a woman’s size 13 to 17, the shoes in this collection have features such as wider soles and stretchy calves to allow for the perfect fit every time! Whether you need an everyday shoe, a special occasion heel, or a party pump, enjoy flaunting your confidence and style every chance you get with the exact piece of footwear you need in a size that makes wearing them a dream!

      What is considered a larger size for women, and what sizes do you have?

      While the average shoe is available up to a Women’s size 12 US, the items in this collection are offered in extended sizes, reaching up to a size 17 US to ensure everyone can enjoy a beautiful style and comfortable fit! With various shoe types on offer, from sensitive flats and sexy stiletto heels to platform ankle boots and thigh-high boots, you’ll never have to miss out on your favourite styles again!

      Are Australian shoe sizes equal to Pleaser USA shoe sizes?

      While Australian shoe sizes are similar to US sizing, as Pleaser USA does not offer half sizes, there is some difference. For example, if you usually wear a men’s size, add two, and you will have the women’s size to match. If you wear a half size and typically could go up to the next size, we suggest sizing up. If you can wear the lower size instead, we recommend sizing down. To ensure you choose the correct size for you, we offer a size chart and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

      Does Your Large Size Shoe Collection Include Wider than Normal Shoes?

      Some options in this selection, such as a larger size, have a wider width than your typical narrow shoe or a width proportionate to the length. However, if you need a wider-width heel than typically offered, we also offer a dedicated wide-width selection of shoes in many styles that is suitable for those who need extra room.

      I have large calves; would your large-size boots fit me?

      The fit of the calves in many boots will depend on the individual style and the material used. While most boots will have the calf dimensions listed on the product page, if you would prefer to send us an email with your calf measurements, we are happy to help you find the best fit. If you feel that you will need extra room in your boot, we also offer a wide calf women’s boot collection that has dedicated larger sizing.

      I’ve never worn heels before, and I have big feet, is it hard to walk in your shoes?

      If you are new to high-heeled shoes, we recommend starting with a lower heel to ensure confidence before moving to the taller options. A 4-inch heel, such as the Vanity-420 pump, is a good starting height. Popular as an office shoe but also gorgeous enough to wear with your more formal outfits, this style, and others like it, is a versatile option that will be a staple in your wardrobe. If you would prefer a taller shoe to learn with, a platform with a chunky heel, such as the Mary Jane Platform Pump or the Little Sexy Dolly-09 is ideal for adding extra height without compromising your balance.