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Who are New Rock Boots and Why Should I Know?

Alternative Shoe Brands - Learn all you need to know about the shoe brand New Rock Boots

When it comes to alternative shoe brands, there are so many different options on the market that you can choose from! However, too many options can cause more problems than it solves; from finding a brand that you love to one that ships to you, there are many different things to consider.

With many alternative shoe brands costing much more than generic style brands due to high quality materials, you want to be sure you are purchasing the best shoe for you. With so many brands offering unique options to suit every fashion need, why not take a closer look at one of the most popular, New Rock Boots , and see how they compare to others!

who is new rock boots?

Who is New Rock Boots?

Created to showcase unique alternative shoes, New Rock Boots is an internationally recognized shoe brand shoe brand founded in Spain that is famous for its unique and showstopping designs! Shipping worldwide,

New Rock Boots are expressive designs that stand out in a crowd. With attention to detail being one of the brands most famous features, each shoe style offered by New Rock Boots ensures even the tiniest parts of each design stand out.

What kind of shoes do New Rock Boots sell?

New Rock Boots sell a huge range of shoe styles, notably the following:

  • Punk and Goth styles
  • Ankle boots
  • Sneakers
  • Mid-calf boots
  • Futuristic platform open cut ankle boots in their Eco Vegan Collection
  • Classic combat boot available in their New Milli collection
  • High heel punk boots
  • Unisex shoe options

Regardless of the occasion, finding a shoe to match your outfit is never hard when you have the New Rock Boots catalogue to explore. Whether you are looking for a men’s gothic style boot, a woman’s style alternative shoe, or a unisex punk shoe to pair with your look, New Rock have you covered! Thanks to the massive range, you’ll be able to shop familiar favourites as well as new shoe styles to truly find your ideal type of footwear.

How is the quality of New Rock Boots?

New Rock Boots offer high quality items, made to impressive standards. With each item made to last, these shoes are among the most well-made in the alternative shoe community. From synthetic leather to real leather items, New Rock Boots are a very high-quality brand with a reputation for exemplary construction.

How do New Rock Boots compare to other brands?

New Rock Boots vs Demonia

While Demonia boots are very well-known and exceptionally made, New Rock Boots rate slightly higher in both quality and comfort. This higher quality and comfort does come with a bigger price tag however, leaving Demonia to be the more affordable option.

When it comes to comparing the range of each brand’s styles, despite offering many different shoes under the New Rock Boot brand, Demonia wins due to the astoundingly large number of styles available. You can learn more about Demonia on our blog page.


  • New Rock Boots vs Lamoda

While Lamoda Shoes is the cheaper option, New Rock Boots are considered a higher quality brand that lasts longer than their competitor. In terms of comfort, many customers consider the Lamoda and New Rock styles to be even; however New Rock does seem to be the more frequently recommended between the two.

In regards to the range offered, New Rock has a more diverse and expansive range to choose from, earning it a better score in relation to Lamoda’s range.


    • New Rock Boots vs Steelground

    Steelground is a popular alternative shoe brand for high quality leather and vegan leather shoes. Made to last, Steelground ranks slightly higher than New Rock Boots for quality; however, New Rock Boots is the more affordable option between the two brands.

    In terms of comfort, Steelground is considered slightly more comfortable, while New Rock Boots wins in terms of comparing the range of styles offered.


    Where can I buy New Rock Boots in Australia?

    When you are looking for a pair of New Rock Boots, being able to order directly from the massive range offered on the company’s direct website is a huge bonus. With so many options, this is the best place for Australians to buy New Rock Boots.

    Where to buy New Rock Boots in USA?

    For American customers, Vixens and Angels is considered the easiest and most convenient store for New Rock Boot purchases. Buy your New Rock Boots here and have them shipped to you in the USA with ease!

    Where to buy New Rock Boots in EU?

    If you are looking for New Rock Boots to purchase in Europe, the New Rock web store is perfect for you. Order directly from the New Rock website and have your cool new boots delivered without much fuss!

    Where to buy New Rock boots in UK?

    If you are searching for New Rock Boots in the UK, Kinky Angel offers fast shipping on orders to get you your new boots without any delay! Peruse the range and find your new favourite boots in a few simple clicks!

    For alternative shoe lovers, New Rock Boots are a great choice when you are searching for not only high-quality boots, but a huge range to choose from. Popular among Gothic, Punk, and other alternative style subcultures, these awesome shoes are perfect for your casual, party, or special occasion outfits.

    With many other alternative shoe brands to choose from, New Rock Boots offer high quality items that keep you looking cool and feeling your best in every situation.

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