Alternative Shoe Brands with Innovative Designs and Materials

Alternative Shoe Brands with Innovative Designs and Materials

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When you love alternative footwear, finding the best brand that stocks a style that you love is the first step in growing your collection!

From the quality and the materials used to the styles and options offered, alternative shoe brands are a varied and creative industry that aims to make every customer feel supported in their fashion endeavors.

No matter where you are in the world, or what your individual style may be, sourcing alternative footwear that is both in line you’re your personal style and values doesn’t have to be a hard exercise. Whether you love shoes with Gothic, vintage, modern, or other alternative fashion style flair, there is sure to be a brand that stocks the perfect style for you!


Best Alternative Shoe Brands


Demonia footwear

One of the most famous and recognizable alternative shoe brands, Demonia footwear is an international powerhouse of a brand that sells a wide range of men’s, women’s, and unisex shoe styles for all occasions. Perfect for not only showcasing your alternative style in everyday situations, but also for special events including weddings, festivals, and more, the

demonia unisex shoes

Demonia range includes every style you can imagine such as thigh high goth boots, platform boots, chunky men’s black leather combat boots, sexy vegan leather knee-high boots, and more! From feminine styles like the Dolly-09 chunky heel platform sandal and the corset ankle boot, men’s styles like the Riot Punk Mid-Calf Boot, and unisex styles of combat boots; the Demonia shoe range is the ideal collection of punk shoes, goth shoes, and more to suit your own unique styles.

For times when a simple black style isn’t the vibe, the range of Demonia alternative shoe styles in varied colour offerings such as purples, pinks, neon green, neon pink, and white is sure to offer a versatility you will love!

Furthermore, with many styles offering both vegan leather and true leather options, this range caters for all customers and budgets, with style and comfort refusing to be compromised for price. To find your own pair of Demonia shoes, the Otherworld Shoe collection has exactly what you need!

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Demonia dailywear


New Rock Boots  

new rock boots

Created to highlight unique alternative shoe styles, New Rock Boots is a fabulous shoe brand founded in Spain that is famous for its unique and showstopping designs! Never one to shy away from attention, New Rock Boots are expressive, creative designs that always stand out in a crowd.

With a strong attention to detail being one of the brands most recognisable features, each individual shoe in the New Rock Boots catalogue is crafted with an emphasis on making even the smallest elements of the design shine.

Whether you are looking for a cool graffiti-style platform boot or a detail heavy women’s punk high heel, New Rock Boots has colour and style options that guarantee you always have the best shoes in the room!

From Punk and Goth styles to the West and Motorcycle collection, there are ankle botos, sneakers, and mid-calf boots available to match any style aesthetic.

From futuristic platform open cut ankle boots in the Eco Vegan Collection to the classic combat boot available in the New Milli collection, as well as the awesome feminine style of the high heel punk boots, New Rock Boots as a brand is a great choice for customers looking for male, female, and unisex shoe options!

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Koi Footwear

koi footwear

Fun, creative, and a gorgeous mix of modern and classic styles; Koi Footwear is a UK-created brand that specialises in vegan footwear for the wide alternative fashion market.

Using synthetic vegan leather in all designs, Koi Footwear focuses on creating beautiful designs that are comfortable and easy to wear for all occasions. With a wide range of colour and styles available, your imagination can run wild with all the cool possibilities offered by the huge range offered by Koi Footwear!

Whether you are searching for the perfect purple combat boot or a hot pink Mary Jane platform style, the colour and style options offered by Koi make them one of the best in the business!

koi footwear mary jane shoes

From a contemporary take on the classic Mary Jane style which includes platforms, bold colours, and chunky heels to men’s chunky trainers and unisex styles; Koi Footwear is a hugely popular alternative shoe brand that captures the creativity and ingenuity of its target market.

Whether you love to show off your Punk style or if you are more of a Goth, Koi Footwear help you find the best style of shoe for you and your own unique style!

With international shipping available, consider finding your new pair of Koi shoes from the wide selection available at Otherworld Shoes!

koi footwear mary janes


lamoda shoes

Perfectly camp, Lamoda shoes are a dream for alternative shoe lovers! Whether you consider yourself a Goth, Punk, or something uniquely yourself, Lamoda is a shoe brand that has a style for everyone!

Started in the UK in 2017, this passionate alternative shoe business has created a solid reputation for beautifully creative designs for a range of customers. Vegan friendly, Lamoda is committed to cruelty-free fashion and utilises a range of animal-friendly materials in the productions of all shoe styles in their range.

With wide fit styles and a large range of plus size styles being added to the catalogue, Lamoda is an inclusive brand endorsed by a huge community of customers that are thrilled with the wide range available.

From bold colours and designs to funky takes on classic styles, the huge range of Lamoda alternative shoe styles includes ankle boots, chunky platform knee-high boots, sandals, creepers, Mary Janes, and so much more!

Whether you are looking for a classic black shoe, an attention-grabbing hot pink sandal, or a patterned upper chunky heeled boot to make heads turn your way, Lamoda is one of the most recognisable brands in the alternative shoe market and will be sure to have what you need!


steelground shoes

Steelground has a fantastic reputation among alternative fashion circles for their huge range and varied style offerings! With options including both vegan leather and regular leather, the assortment of Punk, Goth, Steampunk, Rock, Vintage, Rockabilly, Retro and Heavy Metal shoe styles are perfect for everyday wear, festivals, and special occasions!

Made to the highest standard for quality, Steelground shoes are constructed with care and stunning hand finishing to make each individual shoe a piece of art. With a wide range of boots, high heels, combat boots, and more available, Steelground shoes completes every alternative fashion outfit with style!

Whether you are looking for an animal print upper on a pair of chunky high heel ankle boots, a men’s triple sole suede creeper, or even a child’s combat boot to get the next generation repping some awesome alternative styles; Steelground offers a shoe for the whole family.

No matter which subculture of alternative fashion you belong to, or which you are looking to explore, the ever-expanding range of alternative shoes offered by the brand means you will never be underdressed!

YRU Shoes

Dramatic and attention-seeking, YRU Shoes offer truly unique designs that will highlight your individuality and make you a star! From fluffy monster-themed boots to sexy satin and cage style knee-high boots, YRU Shoes are perfect for Gothic lovers wanting to add some of their personal style into their daily look!

Use these shoes to compliment your on-stage style or find a pair you love and base your look around it; no matter how you choose to style these shoes, they are always an interesting and fun choice!

With so many reputable brands offering such a huge assortment of alternative shoe designs, there are always styles and options available that cater to each unique customer’s personal style. Whether you are looking for colourful Punk shoes with a modern flair like those offered by Koi Footwear or the more classic style of Goth footwear Demonia is famous for to wear with your items from the best alternative fashion brands, shopping for alternative footwear is never a chore!


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