best alternative fashion brands

Best Alternative Fashion Brands

Brands that stock amazing alternative fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories!

What is alternative fashion?

Alternative fashion is style outside of the ordinary and mainstream; fashion that is considered unique and does not conform to the commercial clothing options popular at the time. Alternative fashion as a term includes Gothic, Punk, Grunge, Emo, and many other styles that are different from the current status quo in regards to fashion.

Why Important to buy from branded companies?

While there is a large market of off-brand alternative fashion available, buying from branded companies is best as it supports passionate members of the alternative community and also ensures you are receiving a quality product.

World Famous Alternative Fashion Brands

Punk Rave

Punk Rave is one of the leading alternative fashion brands on the market, with items perfect for Steampunk, Punk, Gothic, and other alternative subcultures. Available worldwide and with a great reputation for quality, the Punk Rave range ensures that you always look your best.

With a men’s, women’s, unisex and accessory range available, Punk Rave is your one stop fashion brand for creating a full alternative outfit. Easily recognised thanks to daring designs and sexy styles, Punk Rave is an all-encompassing brand that can have you dressed in great gothic items from your head to your toes.

punk rave

Devil Fashion

Devil Fashion is a brand that combines high quality and amazing designs to sell alternative style clothing perfect for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a casual alternative style option or something special, Devil Fashion with its massive Goth, Punk, and Steampunk inspired clothing range caters to every aesthetic.

From the club to a festival and even your more formal events, Devil Fashion caters to every alternative fashion need you have.

devil fashion

Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Gothic is an English brand that specialises in creating beautiful, elaborate Gothic jewellery and accessory pieces. With a range that includes simple elegance and ornate beauty, these accessories are an amazing choice for adding something special to your look.

Whether you are sourcing a gothic pewter ring to wear every day, or a pair of ear wraps to add a cool element to your formal look, the creations of Alchemy Gothic always reach a high standard.

alchemy gothic


Most famous for their Goth, Punk, and alternative shoes and boots, Demonia is a powerhouse of a brand that always hits the mark. With amazing shoe options including men’s boots, platform shoes, sexy women’s Gothic sandals, and unisex alternative shoe styles, Demonia is one of the most popular alternative shoe brands in the world.

Offering both vegan leather and real leather options in their catalogue, Demonia has something for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about Demonia!


Banned Apparel

With a focus on Retro and Rockabilly clothing with a Gothic twist, the style of Banned Apparel is a retro alternative dream! Beautifully designed and created, you’ll find not only Gothic and punk accessories but also women’s alternative clothing including dresses, skirts, and pants as well as alternative men’s retro shirts available for your year-round styling!

Perfect for showing off your unique tastes in clothing, Banned Apparel is a UK brand dedicated to stunning style. Wear Banned Apparel pieces in your casual day styling to inject Goth into every facet of your life or save the best for your next special occasion; there is something for every event!

banned apparel


Killstar is a clothing and lifestyle brand that offers modern Gothic style in a huge range of clothing, accessory, household decor, and toy options. From the amazing range of witch clothing and accessories such as harnesses and belts to the creepy home decor, Killstar allows you to make every inch of your home your own, starting in the wardrobe and leading throughout every other room in your home.

Whether you are on the search for a women’s long sleeve black witch dress or a fun creepy plushie for your alternative household, Killstar is the brand for you.



Founded in Poland, Restyle offers alternative fashion and accessory items such as clothing, belts, hats, corsets, handbags, and more. Easily accessible for seasoned Goths and those just getting started, Restyle is committed to showcasing the best in alternative fashion.

With items made to a high quality, the brand has both staple gothic items mixed with fun additions that you can enjoy at every opportunity. Well-recognised in clubs and at festivals around the world, Restyle is a great brand for expanding your Gothic clothing collection.


Koi Footwear

A fun brand with amazing shoe styles, Koi Footwear presents a new alternative take on footwear styles including combat boots and Mary Jane shoes. Offering their shoes in unique colours and in both vegan and leather upper options, Koi Footwear is a great addition to your Gothic or Punk wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a shoe for an event or an everyday style, you can’t afford to miss the cute, edgy style of Koi!

koi footwear

Spiral Direct

Hand printed in the UK, Spiral Direct’s range of Gothic men’s clothing is among the most recognisable in the world. With a growing women’s alternative fashion collection, Spiral Direct offers comfortable and stylish alternative fashion items that are great for casual wear and for events.

spiral direct

Alternative fashion is always evolving and growing, with new brands joining the market frequently offering their own unique takes on non-mainstream style. With the growth of the alternative fashion market as well as the boom in online shopping, there are a wealth of new brands waiting to be discovered by the masses. Not only are there many amazing alternative fashion clothing brands, but the best alternative shoe brands on the market also offer something special for your wardrobe!

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