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Exploring Subcultures: How Demonia Shoes Define Gothic Style

Finding the Best Shoe for Your Gothic Style

Established in the 1990’s and growing in popularity ever since, Demonia is an alternative footwear brand famous for brilliant Goth and Punk boots, sneakers, and platform shoes for both men and women. Ensuring they have a shoe for everyone to enjoy, Demonia offers styles in both synthetic and genuine leather. Whether you identify more as a Goth, Punk, Steampunk, and other alternative style fashion, Demonia footwear is the shoe you need for every occasion.

For an awesome a black combat boot to complete your costume, a cool zipper sneaker for a day in the city, or a sexy chunky platform creeper to make your festival look stand out, Demonia is a brand that inspires loyalty!

Gothic culture has always been popular, and with the rise of the 90’s nostalgia the love for Goth fashion is experiencing yet another boom with the younger generation. While there is your general Goth culture easily recognisable thanks to dark, macarbe clothing themes, dramatic makeup, and more; there is also a huge array of subcultures that ensure all Goths can find their place.

While Goth is more than just a fashion statement, there are many different ways you can dress to display your love of the alternative. Perhaps the most fun is finding the perfect Gothic shoe that can match with either a subtle or more expressive ensemble. With Demonia footwear, you can find a Goth shoe to match any type of Goth, event, and style you love thanks to the massive range with something for every subculture!

Traditional Goth

Traditional Goth style draws from the original and classic gothic aesthetic from the 1980’s, including dramatic eyelines, pale makeup, black hair, and leather. The perfect Demonia shoes to fit in with a traditional goth aesthetic would be the Gothika-09 chunky platform Mary Jane shoes, or even some of the shoes in the Demonia Riot range. The Bolt range includes a variety of men’s gothic boots and gothic unisex boots that suit a wide range of outfits.

Cyber Goth

Cybergoth style incorporates elements of goth and raver fashion, with hints of neon decorating a base black colour palette. For cyber goths, who often include colourful hair extensions and pvc into their looks, the right shoe can add some awesome elements to their style. From the awesome platform boot Swing-815 in holographic purple, pink, black, and more awesome colours to the cool over the knee platform boot Shaker-374; there are cybergoth shoes to boost every outfit.

demonia shaker-374demonia swing-815

Romantic Goth

Romantic Goth is a style inspired by the 1800-1850 Romantic Era, as well as modern goth style and Gothic Literature. With Victorian and Dark Romance influences, Romantic Goth Demonia shoes can include the gorgeous velvet floral platform Creeper-219 shoes as well as the beautiful mid-calf kitten heel Whimsy-118 boot.

demonia whimsy-118demonia creeper-219

Pastel Goth

The typical Pastel Goth style is a great mix of traditional gothic and alternative style and the pops of pastel colouring in accessories and more. For great shoes that match the Pastel Goth style, check out the fun of an Ashes-120 hologram platform boot, or the faux fur lined pink Camel-311 knee-high platform boot that works well for both winter and summer styling.

demonia camel-311demonia ashes-120

Vampire Goth

Vampire Goth is a subculture that highlights the Vampiric side of Gothic style, including Victorian clothing and ornate accessories. For Vampire Goth footwear, try out the men’s Warlock Boot series which highlights a small heel and pointed toe style, the beautiful women’s Vampire goth shoe Demon-18, and the sexy Vivika-128 women’s Demonia high heel style.

demonia demon-18demonia warlock series

Victorian Goth

A beautifully classic, opulent styling, Victorian Goth subculture allows for the celebration of the Victorian era with additions of dark gothic aesthetics. Victorian Goth is a dramatic visual style and demands attention. For great shoes that suit the Victorian Goth fashion, check out the Dame-115 in Black, Gold, or White to match your Victorian style dress, or the chunky heel Vivika-205 mid-calf boot.

dame-115demonia vivika-205


Steampunk is a huge subculture with a passionate following. Inspired by Victorian fashion and elements of steam-powered technology, the Steampunk movement is a fun style to explore! For great Demonia Steampunk shoe options, why not look at a pair of women’s Crypto-106 corset platform boots, or the men’s Riot-18BK combat boot?

demonia crypto-106demonia riot-18bk

Nu Goth

Nu Goth is a modern take on traditional Goth style, and is a lot more flexible with not only the musical influences of the subculture, but also with the way you present yourself. If you are looking for Nu Goth men’s and women’s shoe options, check out the Dolly-09 sexy women’s platform sandal, or the versatile Demonia men’s gothic boot Gravedigger-10.

demonia dolly-09demonia gravedigger-10


Gothic Lolita style is a subculture aimed at goth girls who love vintage fashion and cute gothic aesthetics. For the best Lolita footwear options, Demonia offers a huge range of feminine styles you’ll love to wear; these include the Glam-300 boot, the Demonia Slacker-23 platform Mary Jane shoe, and the Sprite-02 platform shoe with heart detailing.

demonia slacker-23demonia glam-300demonia sprite-02


White Goth

White Goth style is a fun take on the Gothic culture, with the wearer enjoying the range of Victorian-inspired outfits in a subversive white style instead of the traditional black palette. Typically including a fully-white look including make-up, clothing, and shoes, you’ll love the fluffy platform Demonia Cubby-311 white boot or the Kera-08 platform Mary Jane shoe for your White Goth outfit!

demonia cubby-311demonia kera-08

Fetish Goth

Fetish Goth is a gothic subculture that was created by people who love wearing bondage themed clothing and leather or PVC items. Super sexy, the hot clothing and accessories of the Fetish Goth subculture includes short dresses, tight pants, cheeky chokers, and fetish footwear. Some examples of Fetish Goth footwear you may love include the Demonia Emily-377 Over the Knee platform boot with bondage straps, or the Ashes-57 Kinky chunky platform boot with furry cuffs!

demonia emily-377demonia ashes-57

Bat Goth

A Baby Bat is a person who is new to the gothic scene, and taking time exploring their own unique gothic style. Typically starting with a mix of Traditional Goth and another subculture that suits individual tastes, Bat Goth is a fun way to explore gothic culture and aesthetics! If you are a Bat Goth, check out the Demonia Flora-1035 Vampire shoes, or the Vivika-38 Gothic Mary Jane shoes for cute, gothic shoes!

demonia flora-1035demonia vivika-38


Rockabilly Goth

Rockabilly Goth is a mix of the Rockabilly and Gothic subcultures that culminates in a fun, flirty, sexy style! With a Gothic take on the retro Rockabilly style, this subculture allows you to explore alternative fashion in a unique way. If you are looking for some Rockabilly Goth shoes, you can’t go passed the unisex Demonia Creeper-608 for retro shoe styling, or the platform Oxford Creeper-502!

demonia creepers

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