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How to Walk in Platform Boots

Find your footing in every sky-high style!

Platform boots are a fantastic and fun style to wear, but they can be daunting for the uninitiated! From stiletto platform boots perfect for pole dancing to gothic platform thigh high boots; no matter what style you love, finding a platform boot you’ll love is easy and learning how to wear them is a rewarding experience!

Whether you are looking to try your first pair of platform boots or are getting ready to size up into a taller platform, there are a few ways to ease yourself into your new shoe challenge to ensure every wear is safe and comfortable!

red platform boots


Choose the right fit for your platform boots!

The first step in perfecting how to walk while wearing platform boots is to ensure you have chosen the correct fit for you! Having an ill-fitting boot of any kind can lead to injury or discomfort, but this can be especially exaggerated in a high platform shoe. With the correct sizing, your foot will be secure in the shoe and your centre of gravity will be maintained.

The correct fit in boots also extends to ensuring that any lacing is done up securely and tightly, as this will help keep your ankle safe from rolling. Also OtherWorld Shoes Demonia Sizing Guide might help you for choosing the right fit!

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Don’t dream too big too fast!

While the impressive height of a Demonia platform boot or a Pleaser thigh high style is gorgeous, jumping straight into wearing a boot with so much extra height is not the best idea if you have little experience wearing these dramatic shoes. If you’re a complete newbie to platform boots, the best way to grow your confidence and skill is like anything else; start low and work your way up to the more challenging styles!

For those looking to explore a platform shoe, it is recommended that you begin with a lower platform, such as the Delight-1020 boot with a six-inch heel and platform or a Demonia platform Creeper. Once you have found a style you like and a platform height that you’re ready to try, the next step is getting confident!

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How do I walk in a platform boot?

With your new platform shoes ready to wear, knowing how to move your body correctly and control your steps will guarantee you are ready to show off your new pair of platform boots on all occasions! To walk in platform boots correctly and safely, regardless of the platform height, try the following:

  • Start on a flat, smooth surface such as in your house, for short periods of time. This will help you get used to the added weight of the platform itself as well as the height added to your frame. Don’t try to wear new platform heights for a full day, as you can damage your ankle muscles and cause strain! Start slow and steady, and ease into the new style!
  • Engage your core muscles to keep your posture straight and your body balanced correctly. Keep your shoulders back and your head held up, as this will help your centre of gravity stay the same, so you don’t overbalance!
  • Walk with your heel hitting the ground first, then rolling the shoe towards your toes. This will also help keep you balanced and stop you slipping.
  • Avoid walking too quicky, as this can lead to you stomping the whole boot down at once and losing balance.
  • Take short steps, rather than strides, to maintain your balance. Smaller, slower steps will also help you stay alert for any changes in the terrain as you walk.
  • Slowly introduce different surfaces to your practice, as this will help not only with gaining experience, but also to keep your muscles strong to prevent injuries. Try walking on grass, carpet, wood, or your driveway to feel how different surfaces effect the way you move.
  • Avoid jumping to a much larger platform without enough practice- instead, slowly increase your platform height as you get confident in each style to keep your ankle muscles strong and to minimise risk or injury.

Whether you are looking for a sexy platform shoe, a towering gothic platform boot, a platform style sneakers, a retro platform sandal style, or something more unique, there are so many amazing platform boots styles to choose from! To avoid missing out on some awesome shoes, learning how to walk in various platform heights will open up a whole new world of platform alternative shoe styles you can choose from!

With frequent practice, wearing platform boots and shoes with eye-watering heights will become second nature to you and you’ll be able to explore the wide range of height options available with ease! By starting with a lower platform and working your way up to the more challenging styles, you’ll be able to train your body to adapt to each new platform boot easily.

While it’s tempting to jump straight into wearing a super high Demonia goth boot, a sexy pair of platform high heels, or a chunky platform sandal, slowly easing into the higher platforms will keep your ankles safe and ensure you can wear platform high heels for years to come!


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