demonia size guide

Demonia Sizing Guide

Always put your best foot forward in the correct size Demonia Shoes!

Demonia is the most famous shoe brand globally for alternative footwear, including styles perfect for Goth, Steampunk, and Punk subculture themed shoes. With many style options including vegan and leather uppers, Demonia footwear is easily recognisable for its passion for showcasing dramatic shoes that are perfectly suited to both everyday wear and specialty events! Whether you are looking for a funky new style to wear to work, or to make a splash at your next festival, the ever-growing range of men’s, women’s and unisex combat boots, creepers, platform sneakers, sandals, thigh high boots, ankle boots, and more offered by the brand will ensure you have the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion.

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USA and Canada Demonia Sizing

As a brand based in the United States, customers who wear shoes with US and Canadian sizing will easily find their perfect fit in every style thanks to Demonia’s default US sizing.

  • Offering true to size styles, the Demonia range does not include half size options, so if you are between two full sizes we recommend sizing up for the perfect fit.
  • With many Demonia styles falling into the unisex category, knowing how to convert sizing will extend the range you as a customer can choose from! In styles listing men’s sizing, simply add two to find the accurate women’s size equivalent. This means that if you wear a women’s 10US, the men’s 8US is the size for you!
  • This also works in the reverse; with women’s styles available up to a size 12US, if you wear up to a men’s 10US you will be able to enjoy the women’s Demonia range!

Australia and New Zealand Demonia Size Guide

  • For Australian and New Zealand based customers, the default US sizing is comparable in all styles.
  • If you wear a men’s 12AU, the men’s 12US is generally what would be recommended for you. This is also true for the women’s and unisex styles. For anyone in between two sizes, who would usually wear a half size, we recommend sizing up in all styles for a comfortable fit.
  • For customers wanting to expand the range they would like to explore, converting sizing between men’s and women’s is simple; add two sizes to a men’s size for the women’s equivalent, and remove two for a men’s size in a women’s style. For example, if you usually wear a men’s 8.5AU and would like to wear a women’s Demonia boot, add two sizes to get a 10.5AU, then another half size for Demonia’s range. This would give you an 11US sizing for the women’s Demonia range!

UK Sizing in Demonia Styles

For customers who wear UK sizing, converting to US sizes for Demonia footwear is easy; simply add one size to find the US Men’s sizing, and three sizes for US Women’s sizing.

  • For example, if you wear a UK 7, in men’s Demonia styles the 8US is going to be the best fit, while a 10US will be the most accurate size in the women’s Demonia styles.
  • With many men’s and unisex Demonia shoes being available, understanding how to convert between men’s and women’s US sizing is important for ensuring you can find the best fit in a style you love. In US sizing, the difference between the men’s and women’s sizing is two, so you would add two sizes to a US men’s style to find the women’s US size right for you.
  • On each Men’s and Unisex Demonia style the size listed is a Men’s US size, so for UK based customers who want a women’s size, simply add three sizes to your usual UK size for the best fit.

EU Size Information for Demonia Footwear

EU sizing conversions for Demonia Footwear is simple to understand, making choosing the right size shoe for your alternative fashion needs easy!

  • With each double-digit EU shoe size beginning with 3, simply take the second number and that is the US foot size for the Women’s sizes! For EU sizes starting with 4, add a 1 to the second digit and you have the US size! For example, an EU 37 would be a 7US women’s size, while the EU 47 would be a 17US women’s size.
  • For men’s Demonia styles, the conversion from EU to US can be a little harder to understand, so a good trick to use is to convert to a women’s US size and then subtract two. For example, an EU 45 would be a women’s 15US, which is a men’s 13US.


With this helpful chart, converting between the different sizing in each country can be made easy! Simply find your usual size and follow the guidelines to ensure you will choose the best fit for your foot. To measure your foot to get the best size, place your foot on a piece of paper on a flat surface, and use a pen to mark the top of your big toe and the back of your heel. Lay a ruler at each mark and draw a line horizontally to create a long line, then measure the distance between these two lines to find your foot’s cm measurement. This will help you accurately find the best shoe fit for you on a measurement chart. It can be a daunting task to purchase your first pair of Demonia shoes with confidence that you have chosen the right size, but once you have found your fit you won’t look back!

demonia size guide

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