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Walk on the Wild Side: Demonias as Your Everyday Shoes

Demonia is the leading brand for alternative footwear, producing items that are high quality and perfect for a range of events. While you may recognise different styles of Demonias on display at your favourite bands’ concerts, events, and even nights out with friends, many are left wondering how they will fare for wearing to work every day, for exploring their fashion identity at university, or for adding to their everyday alternative fashion collection rotation?

For some, wearing a Demonia shoe as part of their everyday style is as simple a choice for them as choosing to wear a jumper is for others.

I have a friend who loves everything Steampunk; he wears steampunk jackets, loves to rock a tall hat, feels at home in designer pants, and has on a pair of Demonia boots everyday even when he is just running chores. Doesn't that sound brilliant? Wearing exactly what you want wherever you go and looking amazing while you do it!

You may be wondering, with how often he gets around wearing a pair of Demonia boots, how long his favourite shoes can be expected to last if he’s wearing them every day. Well, let’s find out more about the durability of Demonia shoes!

Who says you can't take your dog for a walk in Demonia boots? Strut your stuff and let your pup unleash their inner goth.


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How do Demonia shoes last so long?

  • Demonia use YKK zippers on their boots, which are very high quality and great for long term use as they are not easy to break.
  • Most of Demonia’s range are synthetic leather, so you shouldn’t expect them to be boots that last you for a lifetime. If you check out some tips for how to care for your Demonia shoes, their lifetime can be extended to 4-5 years.
  • Synthetic leather doesn’t mean cheap and nasty; Demonia uses high quality synthetic vegan leather that looks great and survives a lot of wear!
  • While water and mud on your boots is ok and won’t destroy the upper, it is better to try to avoid extra dirt that can over time cause damage. If you live in Alaska for example, you may have a little bit of trouble keeping them in tip-top shape!
  • High-quality rubber soles protect the base of the shoe and are very hard to damage, meaning your shoes can be comfortable and protected for longer. While we don’t recommend wearing your shoes over harsh rocky terrain or other areas that might be hazardous, your soles will be safe!



My new Demonia boots

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Do you know anyone who has worn their Demonia shoes long term?

Our CEO Matt has a pair of Demonia BOLT-250 that he started wearing 3 years ago. Wearing them once a month for events like festivals, parties, concerts and the like, they still look good and show no damage around the boots. To maintain them, he keeps them in the original box away from any moisture, and cleans them of any dirt or moisture after every use.

So how long can I expect to enjoy my Demonia shoes?

Thanks to Demonia’s high-quality design and construction, if you plan to wear your Demonia boots for special occasions and events, with care and good upkeep they will have a general lifespan of four to five years.

If you are passionately planning to wear them daily, your Demonia boot lifespan will probably be around 2 years, a fairly reasonable time span. As with any shoe, the way you treat them will determine how long they last, and what type of condition they will be in for the long haul.

By cleaning your boots after wear, storing them correctly, and respecting the limits of the shoe, you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time to come!

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