Celebrities Who Wear Demonia Shoes

Celebrities Who Wear Demonia Shoes

Demonia is a world-famous brand known for their awesome Gothic inspired items, so it makes sense that celebrities the world over also enjoy these awesome designs! From general styles to more expressive and dramatic shoes, Demonia is the perfect choice for both men and women to enjoy on all occasions, so seeing them worn by a celebrity is not a shock!

Who is Demonia?

Stylish Celebrities Stepping Out in Demonia Boots


lady gaga demonia boots

One such celebrity known for wearing dramatic shoes is Lady Gaga. With her style constantly evolving, we as an audience have been graced with some awesome footwear moments throughout the years!

Bursting onto the scene in 2009 with her hit single “Poker Face”, Lady Gaga’s bold fashion sense and catchy music immediately grabbed the world’s attention. Promptly famous for her unique style, Lady Gaga has gone on to dominate the headlines thanks to raw talent and clever fashion.

Spotted on several occasions walking confidently in a pair of chunky platform boots, Lady Gaga is fantastic at styling these boots in a myriad of ways. From casual to on stage looks, this is one celebrity who perfectly encapsulates the Demonia attitude!

Emma Chamberlain

emma chamberlain demonia shoes

A social media superstar, Emma Chamberlain is the girl with the style to steal! Always looking effortlessly cool, this blogger is known for mixing her style up and combining dramatic pieces with comfortable style.

A fan of the Demonia buckle platform boot, Emma’s style is chic and fun, and can be exactly the styling your Instagram grid needs! Get her look by pairing your chunky boots Emily-315 with a comfortable pair of pants and your favourite knit sweater and you’ll be ready for your photo op in no time.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Demonia boots

The Queen of modern edgy style, Bella Thorne is well-known for her talents in mixing a dramatic shoe with a statement outfit to create something memorable. Often pictured in Emily-375 boots, the actress never shies away from a statement styling, even finding a way to enjoy Gothic shoes for a summer wardrobe.

With her rock and roll style always on trend, finding inspiration in Bella Thorne’s style is the perfect way to inject some Demonia into your look!

Katy Perry

katy perry demonia boots

Another musical celebrity who loves a bit of daring fashion, singer Katy Perry is a fan favourite when it comes to creating a stylish ensemble that incorporates cool clothing and epic Camel-311 boots! With her festival and stage outfits screaming for attention, her mix of bold Demonia women’s boots with sexy skirts and crop tops leaves everyone wanting more!

Lexus Amanda

Lexus Amanda Demonia boots

As a celebrity make-up artist, Lexus Amanda knows the best tricks to grab the eye and always look her best. Channelling her inner Goth by pairing Concord-108  boots with sexy black outfits for maximum affect, Lexus Amanda showcases classic alternative style in a way that never goes out of vogue!

Ash Costello

ash castello demonia boots

Celebrity vocalist and fashion lover Ash Costello is a prime example of alternative fashion! Styling a pair of Swing-815 boots with ease, Ash blends simple fashion pieces with dramatic fixtures such as awesome gothic boots to make an outfit that is sexy and fashion forward every time

Niki DeMartino

Niki DeMartino Demonia boots

With the rise of the Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram celebrity come a whole new influx of cool style icons, and Niki DeMartino is not exempt. Rocking on-trend style in her music videos and on her social media, this celeb always finds the best balance between popular and unique style.

By mixing statement and even classic pieces with dramatic Trashville-502 boots, Niki can be authentically cool effortlessly. Mixing a stunning dress with a pair of Demonia platform boots, Niki’s festival fashion style packs a punch and can be easily emulated for your next music festival look!

Celebrities are sometimes the best way to find new styles to try out, so why not have a look around and see if your favourite celebrity style icon has explored ways to dress up Demonia boots in a way you haven’t yet tried? From a cool look perfect for a festival to an effortless outfit for your next TikTok, the way celebrities style their Demonia boots can easily be your next inspiration!

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