gothic shoes for summer

Gothic Shoes For Your Summer Wardrobe

Being Goth and finding the perfect footwear can make or break your outfit; from choosing the perfect platform boot to making sure your combat boots match your aesthetic while being comfortable, the ideal Gothic shoe is one that fits your look and feels great!

Beat the heat with sexy gothic shoe styles?

While choosing a black boot in generally a great option, in the summer months gothic footwear can pose a challenge. You want something that looks amazing, but that doesn’t make you feel like you’re strutting through hell itself! So, in the interest of style and comfort, here is a list of some awesome goth shoes you’ll be ready to rock through warm weather!

Goths Can Still Love Ballet all Day

A comfortable pair of shoes doesn’t make you any less Goth! A cute pair of vegan black ballet flats with skull buckle details, every goth needs a pair of simple flats to carry them through the day!

gothic ballet flats

Goths Go Batty for Creepers

It may be controversial, but sometimes the best bit of your goth outfit doesn’t have to be black! Feminine and fun lavender pairs well with spooky bat wing details to give you a platform creeper that is still gothic but with flair!

gothic creepers

Summer or Winter, I’m Wearing My Boots!

If you’re a traditional Goth, there is nothing better than a pair of black biker boots to make you ready to face the world. Whether you’re keeping warm in winter or willing to sweat for style in summer, a pair of heeled biker boots is always the cool choice.

gothic platform boots

A Witch Can’t Go Anywhere Without Her Pentagram...

A witchy Goth always looks her best, and a caged platform boot with a pentagram charm is a great way to show off your magically dark style! Perfect for a night with the coven or a day exploring Salem!

Demonia poison-25-1

Wildy Sexy Goths Dress to Impress

Morticia Addams, Elvira, and Lily Munster are the ultimate when it comes to sexy Goths, and you just know they would love to wear a sexy chain and strap decorated high heel! For times when you want to be a hot creature of the night, these heels will leave a trail of admirers in your wake!

pleaser kiss-261

Kinky, Cheeky, Barbie Goth Fun

Put your hair up in some space buns, grab the body glitter, and embrace your Barbie Goth style! Rock a pair of pink sparkly platform boots with a star cut-out and studded straps, and enjoy finding your own Goth Ken or Midge! You can also check our sexy barbie shoes!!

pink goth sandals

I Need To Be Taller Than You

The 90’s are coming back with a vengeance, and so is the effortless cool grunge Goth we know and love! Channel the witches from The Craft with your own pair of chunky heel platform slides paired with flannel and the perfect amount of smudged eyeliner!

demonia platform sneakers

Goth Sandals Should Be A Staple Shoe...

Every goth needs a pair of black chunky platform sandals to wear with their favourite skirt, dress, and pants. Whether you’re a casual Goth or one who loves to be dressed to the max every day, Gothic sandals are the ideal staple shoe!

demonia flip-05


Comfortable and Casual is Still Goth

Sometimes, even the most dedicated Goths just want to be casual for the day, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Enjoy wearing a pair of platform thongs with your jeans, tights, and other gothic fashion and embrace the effortless cool a pair of thongs offer!

demonia camel-109

The most important part of choosing the perfect pair of gothic shoes for summer is making sure that they are a comfortable fit; there are few things worst than a bad fitting shoe, especially in the heat! When choosing your Demonia size, remember that US sizing and AU sizing are very similar; if you are a half size, always size up for comfort! Our Demonia Sizing Guide will help you for perfect fit!!

For more sexy and cool summer gothic shoe styles to explore, why have a peek at Gothic Summer Collection? With a huge range of gothic styles including sandals, boots, high heels, and more; your gothic summer wardrobe is going to be the envy of all your alternative fashion loving friends!

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