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Halloween barbie costume ideas

I want to be a Barbie for this Halloween

Halloween isn’t just scary!

Many people outside of the USA believe your costume has to be spooky: a ghost, witch, vampire, mummy, werewolf and the like, but the truth is that Halloween is a time when your imagination can run wild and you can be whomever or whatever you want to be!

I have seen people dress as animals, food, fairytales, concepts, political figures, pop stars, actors, and even current affairs like a woman wearing cardboard flames all over her body and a climate action now t-shirt, or Julia Gillard with a knife in her back.

Creativity is King, so don’t be limited to spooky. Tonight is the night for creatives to go wild!

How about Barbie?

So what will be topical this year? My money is on Weird Barbie. If you haven’t seen the Barbie movie (which is feminism commentary, but certainly not heavy-handed like some delicate people have accused it of being), it is definitely worth the watch. I would see it again just to see Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie. She was the doll who had been played with a bit too vigorously: her legs stretched out in the splits, her hair chopped in weird ways, and crayon drawn all over her face.

OK, some of us remember those days, don’t we?

12 Amazing Pink Shoes with Different Barbie Styles

So, I was looking for the shoes that would go with the outfit. I figure the wig would be easy (hey! I could even cut it myself like I did as a child!), and the dress will be online everywhere – but the shoes are harder to match.

pink heels

Weird Barbie

In the first scene with Weird Barbie in her weird house, I notice she is wearing combat boots. Check badass combat boots for your weird barbie outfit. The great thing about these boots is these are for your life – not just Halloween (that is, unless Halloween IS your life – like me).

But wait – there’s more! Mattel is making a Weird Barbie doll styled after Kate’s character and this one has green snakeskin boots! OtherWorld Shoes does have snakeskin as well including the Pleaser Hologram collection, which might be hard to walk in, but definitely good for doing the splits! (Unless you are a pole dancer or a drag queen, then you can walk in anything – RESPECT!)

Weird Barbie

Now, if Weird Barbie is not your style, there are plenty of other variations of Barbie-style shoes you can find at OtherWorld Shoes.

Classic Barbie

Corporate or original Barbies will of course love the Sexy Pink Heels. These can be worn with a lot of different costumes and outfits. Maybe even work, depending on what you do. Sleek and professional with just a hint of sexy secretary.

classic barbie

Gothic Barbie

if you are gothic, but unsure how the blend your Barbie Goth style, check out our Pink Gothic Sandals. They are chunky pink platforms with a heart&chain details! Way too cute! Change your black eyeshadow to pink, wear a long pink wig, lace some bits of pink ribbon over your usual black outfit and wear these adorable sandals and you’re instant Gothic Barbie!

gothic barbie

Winter Barbie

If fuzzy winter wear is more your vibe, check out the Furry Comfy Pink Platform Boots. Fuzzy all around, chunky heels and a luscious lace-up front. Go Winter Barbie!

winter barbie

Schoolgirl Barbie

Pink Platform Mary Janes are a must for Schoolgirl Barbie (or just schoolgirl). They are shiny pink with a chunky heel and as great for your Barbie costume as they are for every day. If you want these Mary Janes in other colours, you are in luck! They come in black and white as well. They are from KOI Footwear, so you know you’ll like them.

school girl barbie

Dominatrix Barbie

If you are a bit on the edgy side of Barbie, or just want to exude your pink dominance, check out our Pink Thigh High Boots. With buckles, laces up the front and vegan leather all of the way up to the top of your thigh, these boots alone make a statement. Fetish Barbie would be fabulous! Just get a pink whip and you are ready for action!

dominatrix Barbie

Pole Dancer Barbie

Sexy Devil Neon Pink Glitter Ankle Boots are as sparkly as Barbie and GLOW IN THE DARK! When was the last time you had glowing shoes? If you never have, you have to at least once! These boots have really high heels, too: 7 inch stilettos, making them a favourite of Pole Dancers everywhere. But even if you’re not a Pole Dancer Barbie, the glow in the dark feature is great for parties!

pole dancer barbie

Sporty Barbie

If 7 inches (for heels) makes you dizzy just thinking about it, perhaps Sporty Barbie is more your speed. Demonia never disappoints with glitter covered Pink Holographic Glitter Platform Sneakers. If you’re like me, after a few wines, I need to be close to the ground with a solid heel, and this solid platform glitter shoe fits the spec. Shiny pink with glitter cutouts and white straps, this Sporty Barbie shoe will get you noticed and help you stay upright.

sporty barbie

Evening Barbie

Feel like New Year’s Eve Barbie or Evening Barbie? Fru fru (what do you even call that stuff?) feathery fur adorns a clear PVC shoe in hot, hot pink. It reminds me of the evening slippers that Hollywood starlets used to wear with their fru fru gowns to match. This one is called the Ankle Cuff Sexy Fur Sandals Hot Pink from Pleaser, of course.

 evening barbie

Pin-Up Barbie

Thinking of dressing as Pin-up Barbie, Retro Barbie, or Flapper Barbie? Pin Up Couture has you covered! Check out the adorable pink bow on these Flapper Pink Kitten Heels! Made with vegan leather, these will also be perfect for Rockabilly Barbie, or just for your every day, as they are as comfortable as they are adorable.

pin-up barbie

Floral Barbie

If you are wanting to be Aflorable (floral and adorable), slip on the Pink Flower Filled Platform Slides. They are clear platforms with little pink roses inside! You can be Flower Barbie, Picnic Barbie, even Pole Dancer Barbie. Wear these when you feel like being a walking bouquet of beauty.

floral barbie

Gogo Barbie

Finally, we have Pink GoGo Boots for GoGo Barbie. I remember my first Barbie did come with Gogo boots, so these are the real deal. And these are as pink as they come and made with cruelty-free vegan leather. So no animals or GoGo Girls were harmed in the making of these fabulous shiny boots.

barbie with gogo boots

Just as in the movie, there are many different kinds of Barbies. Actually, there are a lot of Kens, too, and in the future I wonder if we will be having some non-binary Barbies. But no matter what you identify as, you can be a Barbie! And OtherWorld Shoes has your feet covered. Check our pink shoe collection for more amazing Barbie styles and great Halloween Barbie ideas.

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