how to care your Demonia boots

How to Care for Your Demonia Boots

Demonia have firmly cemented their status as the most popular Goth boot in the market, and for good reason! With styles ranging from combat boots and sneakers to thigh high boots, rave boots, and sexy sandals, the extensive range of shoes available has captivated the alternative fashion scene and continues to be the staple shoe for all who love Goth, Punk, Steampunk, and everything in between!

While the huge range on offer has strongly contributed to making the brand such a popular choice, the high-quality construction of the shoes and the ease of care is what has led to such a loyal customer base!

What are Demonias made out of?

Demonia boots are high quality shoes, constructed from strong, durable materials in both vegan synthetic and true leather, cotton, and more! With stitching and glue used to ensure a secure bond, these shoes are comfortable and well made, meaning they will suit your lifestyle and be perfect for many events you attend!

With so many different styles available in the Demonia range, the mix of fabrics and materials allows for a greater diversity to suit the aesthetic you are creating!

While patent and matte synthetic leather are incredibly popular for not only being vegan friendly, but also for their look and the durability, the addition of leather styles, suede options, UV reflective, and holographic uppers means a wider range of shoes to match any budget and style need.

How to Clean Demonia Shoes

how to care your Demonia boots


To make the most of your boots, there are some simple recommendations to follow that will keep them clean, strong, and ready to wear!

  • When choosing your boots, ensuring you are wearing the correct size in both the width and length of the shoe will help a great deal in preventing premature splitting and separation of the shoe.
  • While wearing your boots, avoid traveling on harsh terrain or through extreme weather, such as muddy, rocky, or damp ground; this will help prevent damage to the sole and upper.
  • To further prevent damage to the sole of the boot, avoiding deep bending as well as keeping an even distribution of weight on the shoe will ensure that your platform stays connected strongly to the rest of the boot for longer.
  • Ensure that you are unzipping your boot fully each time you remove them; failure to properly loosen the laces and open the zip fully can sadly cause not only damage to the zip and lace-up eyelets themselves, but also to the rest of the shoe if you are forcing your foot either into or out of it.
  • Store your boots in a dry, cool area out of extreme heat or cold and out of direct sunlight, to ensure the glue stays intact and the material doesn’t degrade at an accelerated rate.

How to care for your Demonia matte synthetic leather boots

Synthetic matte vegan leather is both durable and easy to care for, making it the perfect material for all shoe styles in the Demonia range. To keep your matte synthetic leather boots looking their best:

  • Keep them dry and clean by wiping them with a cloth to remove any dust and dirt and use a diluted cleaning liquid on a slightly damp cloth to remove stubborn marks.
  • Store your boots without creases and folds in a dry, cool, and shaded spot to keep the upper smooth and crease-free!

How to care for your Demonia gloss synthetic leather boots

Patent synthetic leather boots are simple to care for but do require certain concessions to ensure that they maintain their shine!

  • While cleaning your glossy shoes, avoid using water or soaps on the material as it will dull the shine; instead, use a clean, dry cloth to gently remove dust and dirt.
  • Avoid wearing your boots wet weather and dry them extensively if they get too damp, and when storing your shoes make sure to keep them crease-free and away from extreme heat.

How to care for your Demonia leather boots

Caring for leather boots can seem like a daunting task, but with small consistent maintenance your leather Demonia boots will stay looking fantastic no matter where you wear them!

  • A strong recommendation for all Demonia boots is to avoid water and mud, and to not wear your boots in extreme conditions as this will decrease the strength of the boot’s upper and will allow the leather to degrade.
  • If you do happen to get your boots wet, drying them quickly and wiping them with a clean cloth to remove any dirt and mud will aid in keeping the leather healthy.
  • Investing in a leather cleaner and polish is also a great idea, as this will allow you to ensure the material stays clean while maintaining the upper to avoid wear to the leather.
  • When storing your boots, keep them in a cool, dry place out of sunlight, and preferably without folds; this will also help in maintaining the health of the boot and stop creasing that can lead to peeling.

How to care for your Demonia suede boots

The suede material varieties offered by Demonia are a gorgeous and popular option, with many colours available in multiple styles to ensure that you can find the perfect match for your aesthetic every time; and with some simple steps, you can keep your boots in prime condition for years to come!

  • Waterproofing your suede boots is a great way to ensure that they remain looking like new, and are easy to maintain over time. This means your boots will be protected from a lot of the general dirt and grime that will be picked up on regular wearing, as well as many other external damages that may occur.
  • Once waterproofed, regular simple maintenance will allow you to keep your boots in good condition. As it is not recommended that you get your Demonia shoes wet, a gentle wipe with a damp, clean cloth will remove most dust and dirt from the surface of your boots.
  • For storage, keeping them in a dry, clean space out of direct sunlight will ensure that they are protected from the elements and are always ready to wear!

Demonia boots are more than just a simple shoe; they are expressive footwear made specifically to cater to many alternative subcultures including Gothic, Vampire, Punk, Industrial, Glam Goth, Victorian and more! With style options including matte black platform lace-up high boots ideal for Cyberpunks, vegan knee-high combat boots for Steampunkers, and Goth Lolita inspired thigh high boots with bow details, the range to choose from is wide and varied! From unisex creepers, men’s combat boots, and women’s thigh high platform boots to a huge selection of colour and material choices, finding the Demonia shoe that is perfect for you has never been easier!

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  • Rebekah Blackhart

    I have found the quality of Demonia has plummeted in recent years and the price does not reflect durability. I only continue to buy for the styles available, but I also know that they will never be my everyday footwear if I want them for more than a season

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