how to clean white demonias

Maintaining your Style by Keeping your white Demonias clean

Demonia is the go-to alternative footwear brand for Punks, Goths, Emos, and a whole range of other fashion subcultures. With so many amazing designs that are perfect for music festivals, band gigs, Instagram reels, and everyday wear, it's no wonder that they are one of the most popular choices for alternative shoes.

But while there is an amazing array of colour options available, including the traditional black, purple, pink, green, blue, and holographic options, it seems that the white version of many styles are not as popular as the others. Sadly, this seems to be because customers are concerned about the upkeep of a white shoe, thinking that they will get dirtier easier or are hard to clean and maintain.

However, with some simple steps, your white Demonia shoes can be kept looking their best and making you look cool at many events to come!

white demonia boots

How can I clean my white Demonia’s at home?

White Demonia maintenance starts with wiping your shoes down after wear with a slightly damp cloth to remove any marks or patches of dirt. A microfibre cloth is best but any clean, slightly damp but not wet cloth will do the trick.

You also want to make sure your boot is dry before putting it away, so be sure to wipe the shoe with a dry cloth before storing it. For stubborn dirt, try a tiny bit of dish liquid on the cloth, and gently wipe the area in a circular motion.

Reviving white Demonia shoes easily

Over time and with repeated wear, you may notice your white Demonia boots are losing their brightness, but don't panic!

With some effort and time, you can return your white Demonia shoes to a cleaner white without compromising the integrity of your boots! With many of the boots in the Demonia range being made from synthetic vegan leather, care for the white Demonia’s includes gently using an unscented baby wipe on stains, or some petroleum jelly on stubborn scuffs.

Another household remedy for making your shoes white again is diluted white vinegar or a white toothpaste; just be sure to test a small innocuous patch first!

How to prevent stains on my white Demonias

  • Avoid dirty situations; try to stay off grass or mud
  • Don't use your white Demonia boots on a rainy day
  • Wipe them down after every use to remove dirt and grime
  • Store them properly; out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment
  • Invest in some Waterproofer suitable for synthetic leather (or whatever your white Demonia’s may be made from) as this can help reject marks and stains

List of White Demonia Footwear

Shop Demonia White Color Shoes and Boots!

Camel-203 white
camel-311 white
ASHES-55 ashes-55 white SHAKER-70 shaker-70 white
DAMNED-318 damned-318 white DAMNED-225 damned-225 white
CAMEL-311 camel-311 white CUBBY-311 cubby-311 white
SPRITE-01 sprite-01 white KERA-08 kera-08 white
SHAKER-52 shaker-52 white LILITH-152 lilith-152 white
CREEPER-502 v-creeper-502 white SLACKER-50 slacker-50-white
DYNAMITE-300 dynamite-300 white SLACKER-88 slacker-88 white
SWING-815 swing-815 white VIVIKA-128 vivika-128 white
SPRITE-02 sprite-02 white STOMP-08 stomp-08 white
SLACKER-260 slacker-260 white SHAKER-72 shaker-72 white
TRASHVILLE-502 trashville-502-white SNEEKER-325 sneeker-325 white


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