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Do Platform Boots Hurt to Wear, and How Can I Stop it?

Making platform boots as comfortable as possible

Platform boots can be found in many different styles, from knee high styles and ankle boots to costume shoes and thigh high boots. With the trademark thick platform adding extra height to the shoe, a platform boot can be a challenge to navigate comfortably. However, with a few simple tricks, walking in platform boots can be a skill you pick up with ease!

making platform boots comfortable

What possible problems are there when wearing platform boots?

There are certain aspects of wearing platform boot styles that can be problematic, including:

  • General Discomfort: Platform boots alter your natural gait, meaning the way you usually move can be different and thus you walk in a different manner. With extra height than your body is used to, you naturally carry yourself differently and put your weight down on your feet in an unnatural way. This change in movement can cause strain for your legs and even your back.
  • Long-term issues: If you choose to wear platform shoe styles regularly, mild discomfort can turn into long-term consequences, such as back issues, knee problems, and foot pain.
  • Fatigue: Extra height from platform boots lead to your feet and legs having to work overtime to keep you balanced. This extra work can sometimes end with some soreness in your muscles. if you continue to wear the boots with sore muscles, you can find yourself experiencing muscle fatigue.
  • Incorrect fit: With a different shoe structure, you need to ensure you are wearing the correct size in your platform shoes. The wrong fit can mean you are not secure in the shoe and may be injured.
  • Ankle safety: While very sexy and fun to wear, platform boots can be a danger to your ankles. Extra height and changes to your balance can mean you may get injured if you fall or overcompensate to avoid losing your balance. This is especially concerning if you are walking on uneven ground, or somewhere with hazardous conditions.
  • The fall risk: Being taller than other styles, especially in styles with stiletto heels or chunky heels, there is a risk that you can fall and injure yourself.
  • Arch support: While many platform shoes are made with extra support, there are many styles that do not offer the best support internally to your feet. This is sometimes due to the shoes being made for occasional wear, rather than repeated wear. This can lead to damage of the foot, and cause pain.
  • Blisters: While it can depend on the individual shoe design itself, with platform shoes there is often pressure on different parts of the foot than in your lower styles due to needing a more secure fit, meaning you can develop painful blisters as you get used to wearing the higher style.

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How can I avoid pain and discomfort?

There are ways you can minimise any immediate issues as well as the chance of long-term damage from wearing platform boots, such as:

  • Choose quality shoe options: When purchasing your platform boots, opt for good quality items with proper cushioning and arch support that are well-made. If you are looking for high quality alternative shoe brands that offer platform styles, there are many to choose from.
  • Buy authentic shoes: When you are shopping, it is also recommended that you make sure you are purchasing authentic items and not fake branded shoes, as they are often not constructed to the same standards.
  • Get the best fit: Having a shoe fit you properly is the first line of defence against injury. By having a well-fitting shoe, your foot will not move in the boot too much and therefor can be safer for walking. You will also lessen your chances of blistering and so forth with the correct fit. You should be able to move your toes freely and not be cramped, but also feel secure.
  • Practice makes perfect: If you are a beginner to platform boot styles, ease into wearing them by starting off with short wears to get yourself and your feet used to the new height and feel. There is an art to walking in platform boots, so don’t rush into eye-watering high styles unprepared.
  • Don’t rush: Be sure to take regular breaks when walking in your platform shoes; while it may feel great in the moment, often the consequences for an unprepared wearing will be apparent after you take a break. Give your foot time to rest and don’t overdo it!
  • A foot workout: Strengthen your feet and ankles with simple exercises that will make wearing platform shoes easier and more comfortable. With a stronger ankle, calves, and stretched arches, your feet with thank you!
  • Try some support: Give cushioned insoles a chance to make your platform shoe wearing time more comfortable while offering support! This will make your time with your shoes easier.

Platform boots and shoes are expressive, fun, and look amazing, but don't feel pressured to push yourself into trying a new style before you are ready. While some people can jump straight into wearing a new style and enjoy wearing platform shoes for hours on end, there is a lot more who require some training first and that’s ok!

Like any new fashion you try, you must listen to your body and be aware of your own comfort level. Wearing something that hurts you or that you don’t feel safe or comfortable in can have longer term effects than simply wearing a different shoe.

Each person and foot are unique, and in recognising that you can move forward with knowledge to find the best platform style for your individual needs.

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