Recognising fake Demonia shoes

Recognising Fake Demonia Shoes

How to make sure your Demonia shoes are the real deal!

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Demonia is such a well-known and respected international footwear brand that it is inevitable that there will be companies trying to pass off fakes on the market. The staple shoe for goths, Shoes are high quality items that are offered in a huge range of styles.

With many people looking online for the best Demonia deals, it’s no surprise that fake Demonia’s are so easy to find. Often hard to distinguish as a fake, these shoes are usually sold on websites such as Aliexpress at very cheap prices and can be tempting to try. But it is important to remember that there are many differences between fake and real Demonia shoes, as well as many pros and cons for each.

What are the pros of fake Demonia shoes?

  • The Cost

That’s it, that’s the pro. Slightly cheaper, fake Demonia’s may make a smaller dent in your wallet, but that doesn’t come without a list of cons to consider.

What are the cons of buying fake Demonia shoes?

  • Sizing isn’t Standardized

Fake shoes aren’t made to the same standard as the originals and can be unpredictable in terms of sizing, meaning you may get shoes that are way too big, or way too small!

  • Uncomfortable to Wear

Knock-off shoes aren’t usually made to be worn longer than necessary for taking a few photos, so will cause you pain. You can have long term feet and ankle health issues with fake platform boots and shoes!

  • Quality Control Doesn’t Exist

When buying fake shoes, they haven’t been tested like the real deal, so aren’t made for wearing out. These shoes will fall apart fast, which isn’t ideal in the middle of a festival!

  • Looks Cheap

Inferior designs can sometimes mean your fake shoes look badly made and are easily recognized by other shoe lovers as a fake item! They may be missing important elements or aspects to the design you love!

  • They aren’t Made to Last

Your fake Demonia shoes will not last long at all and will need to be replaced within the year!

  • Shipping is Unpredictable

When you don’t buy from a reputable seller your shoes may not arrive to you for much longer than anticipated, if at all!

  • Returns can Be a Nightmare!

When you buy from a non-authorised seller, you do not always have an easy returns process if you have issues with your item.

  • Long term feet and ankle health issues


What are the pros of buying authentic Demonia’s?

  • You Know What are You Getting!

Real Demonia boots and shoes have an impeccable reputation and have been carefully reviewed many times; you always know what you are getting with Demonia!

  • Crafted by Professionals

Your shoes are crafted by professionals to a high standard; your shoes are high quality and constructed from the best vegan leather or true leather materials!

  • High Quality

Demonia shoes are made to last and will survive your lifestyle for a lot longer than the knockoffs! With proper care of your Demonia shoes, they’ll look perfect for every event you go to!

  • Sizing is Consistent

Sizing is consistent and easy to follow; your shoe size in your Demonia’s almost never changes! If you are confused, the sizing guide for Demonia shoes will help you out!

  • Demonia Shoes are Made to Last

Your sole will stay attached, and your eyelets will keep your laces tight throughout repeated wears!

  • They are Comfortable

Demonia shoes are comfortable to wear, as they have been designed specifically for wear by people who love dramatic shoes!

  • Exactly What you are Expecting!

The designs are beautiful and consistent; your shoes are always going to be perfect and exactly what you are expecting!

  • Fast and Reliable Shipping

Shipping is predictable and safe through authorised sellers rather than the websites which sell fake shoes.

  • Hassle Free Returns!

With authorised sellers comes protection for the buyer! You don’t need to worry about your items not being eligible for return, refund, or replacement with a good seller!

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What Websites Sell Demonias?

As such a well-known and respected international footwear brand, there are many websites all over the world that list the huge range of Demonia shoes. No matter where you live, you'll be able to find a website that ships Demonia to you!

Where can I find Demonia shoes in Australia?

Demonia footwear can be purchased in Australia from reputable sellers such as Otherworld Shoes! With a massive range, fast and free shipping, and competitive prices, Otherworld Shoes is always available for your Demonia shoe needs!

Where can I buy Demonia shoes in the UK?

Attitude Clothing is a great resource for purchasing Demonia brand shoes in the United Kingdom! Offering free standard delivery on certain orders, this store is perfect for UK-based customers looking for authentic Demonia boots!

How can I buy Demonia boots and shoes in Europe?

European customers can enjoy the full Demonia range thanks to Impericon! Shipping to many countries with tracking and insurance, your Impericon Demonia shoe order will arrive to you swiftly so you can enjoy the new boots asap! For customers within Germany there are no additional taxes to pay, but be sure to double check any restrictions and taxes for your country before ordering!

Where can I get Demonias in U.S.A.?

DemoniaCult official website or Angry Young and Poor is the place to shop for US customers! With a massive range and free shipping in the US over $100USD, this store has your Goth shoe dreams covered!

I’m in Canada, how can I buy some Demonia boots?

In Canada, Shoe Freaks is the ultimate store for your authentic Demonia shoes and boots! Boasting a massive range and frequent sales, this store is guaranteed to have what you are looking for!

Last Words!

It can be very tempting to try the low-cost version of your favourite Demonia shoe, but with the lower cost also comes a lower quality that can leave you disappointed. Not made to a high standard and sure to fall apart much faster than the original, fake Demonia shoes are not the best way to spend your hard-earned money. If you are looking for a good, high-quality pair of gothic boots that will last longer than a few months, then you would be wise to spend a few extra dollars on the real deal.

With authentic Demonia’s easy to find and buy worldwide, you’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way when you wear your real Demonia footwear!

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