Types of Pole Dancing Shoes and Why We Like Them!

Types of Pole Dancing Shoes and Why We Like Them!

Pole dancing can be done for fitness, as a hobby, or as a profession. From beginners to advanced professionals, pole dancing has many amazing elements that are enhanced by choosing the perfect high heel.

From an addition to your physique to enhancing your presentation, the correct pole dancing shoe make a massive difference to how your pole dancing routine looks and feels. But how do you choose which pole dancing high heel to wear?

Uncovering the styles and features of pole dancing heels and why they really matter

There is a lot to learn about pole dancing shoes, so let’s take a look at the types of pole dancing footwear options available and why we love them!

Pole Sandals

Practical, beautiful, and easy to wear; pole dancing sandals are a great option for your exotic wardrobe for their versatility and style! Perhaps the most popular of the styles listed, sandals can be found in a near never-ending array of colours, and styles that make pairing with an outfit a breeze.

pole dancing sandals

Typically recognised for their open toe, ankle and toe straps, and buckle fastening, sandals are comfortable pole dancing shoes that can have platforms and heels with varying heights. This range of height options makes them often considered the most comfortable pole shoes for beginners.

There are many aspects of pole dancing sandals that make them a perfect choice:

  • Lightweight construction makes them easy to wear for many routine styles
  • Open style allows for ventilation making them the best pole dancing shoes for sweaty feet
  • Sandals allow for the wearer to touch the pole, and have a better grip
  • Versatility of styles means you can wear your sandals for both on stage and off-stage work
  • Varying heights available make these platform pole shoes brilliant for any skill level
  • You can get high quality yet affordable options, such as Pleaser pole dancing sandals

Made for Performance - Ankle Pole Boots

Ankle boots for pole dancing are one of the best pole dancing shoe choices for a host of great reasons! A common choice for experts but also a popular choice for pole dancing shoes for beginners, ankle boots for pole dancers are versatile and adaptable to any performer’s needs!

pole dancing ankle boots

Characterised as a sexy boot style covering the foot to the ankle that generally laces up and has a zipper, and with a platform and high heel, ankle boots are a great style for pole dancers due to their comfortable, protective style.

  • Pole dance booties can have high platforms or lower platform options for ease of movement
  • Ankle boots allow for extra ankle protection
  • Can be used as static pole shoes or spin pole shoes
  • Helps you to get a solid grip on the pole
  • Have a massive style range, such as the Pleaser ankle boots in glitter, gloss, rhinestone, and more that are often sustainable pole dancing shoes
  • Can be a great choice for beginners, as you can find flat platform pole dancing shoes or very high platform ankle boot options for advanced dancers
  • Ankle boots are generally the best pole dancing boots for competitions, as they allow for safer movement and offer more coverage

Pole Dancing Powerhouse - Pole Knee High Boots

Knee-high pole dance boots are sexy, fun, and work great for more experienced dancers who want something special to wear. Stylish pole shoes for advanced dancers, knee high boots are boots that have a shaft that extends up and stops just before the knee. As a style of pole dance heels, knee high boots are great for costume and theme performances that require extra styling or for when the dancer wants more coverage. There are many pros when it comes to knee high pole dancing boots, such as:

  • Extra coverage is great for beginners, and provides more support for the ankle The added shaft in styles such as the
  • Pleaser vegan leather boots provides more grip for pole work
  • Most knee-high boots offer dancers the opportunity to feel more confident and comfortable
  • Knee high styles can have great stiletto pole dance heels, perfect for a range of dance styles

Gracefully Powerful - Pole Thigh High Boots

When you think of sexy boots, chances are your first thought is of a pair of hot thigh high boots. The epitome of sexy women’s shoes, a thigh high boot reaches above the knee to settle mid-thigh while offering more coverage and adding a sexy allure that is hard to beat.

pole dancing thigh high boots

Dramatically demanding attention, this type of boot is great for pole dancers with a little more experience as the height of the boot shaft will restrict movement more than other styles.

  • Can be found in different colour, material, and texture types such as Pleaser glitter thigh high boots
  • Dramatic, sexy, and playful so are great for floor work
  • High grip potential in certain upper materials and with practice Confidence and comfort for advanced dancing techniques

Seductive Siren Open Toe Boots

Open toe boots are a style of women’s shoe that is an otherwise closed shoe, but with an open-air section at the toe. This style of boot is very popular in a range of styles such as ankle boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, and crotch high boots.

open toe pole boots

Whether you like a lace-up open toe boot or a zip closure boot that reaches mid-thigh, the open toe boot is a great choice for feeling sexy! Here are some reasons that pole dancers prefer open toe boots:

  • Added flexibility with open toes means sometimes a better grip can be achieved, aiding in arch holds and toe work
  • Better ventilation in the open toe style makes them more comfortable for long wear
  • Sexy and striking, open toe styles can allow for a cool aesthetic addition

While there are many reasons to love a particular pole dancing shoe style, ultimately it is a personal preference for what you as a dancer feel most comfortable wearing. While some dancers love an open toe boot to achieve a better arch hold, others prefer a closed toe ankle boot for more toe protection.

Advanced dancers will find that thigh high boots are easy to command, while learner pole dancers are generally led towards lightweight sandals for learning. With so many brands offering some amazing variations on each shoe style, there are options for pole dancers at every skill level that look and feel amazing.

What’s your favourite pole dancing shoe type and why do you prefer it?

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