Aries zodiac pole dancers

Aries Season is Always Striking Hot!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries Pole Dancing: Harness Your Fire Sign Strengths

As a fire sign, Aries people are strong, impulsive and spontaneous; something that translates beautifully into their pole dancing style! Filled with confidence and ready to strike out in a bold statement piece, the Aries dancer demands attention and commands the stage.

Always chasing the next big, exciting moment, our Aries friends are known for passion and motivation, and make amazing entertainers.

Aries zodiac pole dancers


Birthday: 21 March - 19 April

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Colors: Red

Quick Fact: Has the best music taste

Favourite Pole Shoes: Adore-1020RM Red

Super Powers:

  • Super Natural Strength
  • Regenerative Healing
  • Endless Stamina

What Aries Dancers like:

  • Adventurous: Any adventure is a good time for an Aries dancer; whether that is venturing to a new pole dancing class or trying new moves!
  • Being Heard: Charismatic and bold, the Aries pole dancer thrives when they are being loud and proudly themselves! Wearing daring outfits and always choosing the best performing music, an Aries dancer is never shy! 
  • Adrenaline: An Aries personality is unstoppable, always chasing that next thrill. Spinning wildly on the pole or achieving a high-octane routine, there is always a new goal to reach.
  • Getting their way: With strong-willed personalities that are passionately driven by their hearts and wants, the Aries dancer is always in charge. 

What Aries Dancers hate:

  • Sitting still: You'll never find an Aries sitting idly by while the action happens around them! With this star sign, dancers are always on the move and making things happen!
  • Disloyalty: Aries make for amazing leaders because of their fearlessness and desire for change, and they will not be surrounded by people they don't trust. With Aries dancers, loyal friends and teammates are a rich commodity! 

Big, bold colours make a passionate Aries stand out!

The typical Aries is not one to shy away from bold colours, and this makes sense when you know that their key colours are Red and Scarlet! Sexy and sultry, these are passionate colours that enhance your natural adventurous spirit and make you a powerhouse to watch!

Competitive, motivated, and ready to be in charge!

Finding the best way to enhance your star sign on the stage is a sure-fire way to get yourself in the mood to dominate the space! For an Aries dancer, recognising your adventurous and competitive spirit and choosing a style to highlight that part of yourself is the key to expanding your confidence and succeeding!

Choose outfits that match the Aries vibe

With so much emphasis on your strong, bold attitude, you want to choose an outfit that compliments your style and highlights your confidence! Choose sexy patterns that capture attention, and never shy away from a unique look!

When you have your outfit ready, it’s time to match the perfect pair of shoes! With shoes in your power colours and channelling your lucky stones, your energy will be focused, and your attitude will take centre stage!

Tips for Aries: Stop thinking you annoy everyone because you don't!

sexy aries sign pole dancer

Strong shoe colours draw the eye and enhance your fire!

Your pole dancing shoe colour choice can mean so many things! With tones of red being the key colour for an Aries, as well as having red coral and Amethyst for lucky jewels, bold jewel toned shoes are the Aries pole dancers' best friends! Rock a sexy red mesh rhinestone boot or a deep amethyst purple peep toe ankle boot to make your motivated spirit shine.

Move your body freely and achieve great moves with the perfect style!

Known for always wanting to be the best, the Aries pole dancer is open to trying new moves and experimenting with dynamic performances that require energy and the correct gear!

aries pole dancer

As a spontaneous, passionate, and powerful sign, an Aries is always lighting up the room. With a competitive attitude and a drive to be the best at everything they do, an Aries pole dancer is boldly creative with their art and never feels shy about trying new things and grabbing attention!

Embracing the key traits of your zodiac sign is a great way to open yourself up to what the universe has in store for you, and as a pole dancer will help you to reach your potential!

My advice to Aries Dancers: Please take care of yourself, you are so worthy of your own self-love!

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