Taurus Power on the Pole: Grounded, Determined, and Sensational

Taurus Power on the Pole: Grounded, Determined, and Sensational

Taurus (April 19- May 20)

Pole Power: Taurus Edition

An Earth sign, Taurus people are all or nothing! Oozing confidence, self-assuredness, and a hardworking nature, the Taurus dancer works hard to make their dreams become a reality!

Taurus’ are kind and gentle; beautiful, sensual performers who are filled with grace. Unable to tear your eyes away from our pleasure-seeking Earth sign friends, the Taurus performer is a sight you will never forget.

Birthday: 19 April – 20 May

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Colours: Earthy browns and Greens, Pastels Quick

Quick Fact: Has a strong sense of self and inner self-belief

Favourite Pole Shoes: Adore-1020GP Emerald Green

Super Powers:

  • Calming Energy
  • Super Intelligent
  • Lazer Focus

What Taurus Dancers like:

Sophisticated Casual: Charming and drawn to the finer things, a Taurus is casually sophisticated with an air of luxury around them

Patient: Determined to fully commit to their passions, the Taurus dancer is patient! Willing to focus their energy on being the best, each routine is learned fully and with great attention to detail!

Ready To Secure the Bag: A Taurus personality is driven to succeed, and when pole dancing is willing to work extra hard to come out on top! Professional and loving the finer things in life, this Earth sign never shies away from doing the work to win the prize!

Dependable: Contemplative, helpful, honest, and loyal; a Taurean is a dependable person and always thinks hard before they act, which makes them a sure-footed dancer and performer who considers their audience always!

What Taurus Dancers hate:

Asking for help: The bull is an apt symbol, with the Taurus stubbornness holding firm when it comes to asking for help! One to practise over and over again rather than ask for extra help, the Taurus dancer is determined to become the best on their own merit!

Not being in control/Change: A Taurus may be laid back, but I pity the person who tries to take over and change the Taurus’ ways! As a stubborn and moody sign, the Taurus finds it hard to forgive and can be an over-thinker. As a dancer, this can be a weakness as change to routine or someone else making demands can be triggering!

Patient, Laid Back, and Ready to Get that Bag!

Drawn to sensual, slow dances that highlight their attention to detail and natural grace, this is a star sign that is geared towards success. Willing to work hard and a deep thinker, the

Taurus dancers patiently learn slow and precise routines that highlight their inherent sophistication. Loving luxury items and prioritising self-care, working hard and dancing beautifully is a way to get what they want and enjoy doing it.

Tips for Taurus: You have a natural talent for turning dreams into reality!

Mesmerising Outfits Fit the Taurus Vibe

Being known as the lover of luxury, the outfits a Taurus wears can be both casually sophisticated and screaming luxurious! Loving practical outfits that are easy to wear but make an impact, the addition of well-considered accessories and special pieces are the real attention-grabber!

Whether that is a pair of luxury stockings, a well-fitted pair of glamorous shoes, or a sexy harness to complete the look, the Taurus pole dancer places great importance on looking great and feeling pampered.


The most carefully considered part of the outfit is the shoes!

Not one for change, it can be hard for a Taurus personality to leave their comfort zone and try something new; however, in the pursuit of success, a hot pair of shoes are a great way to make an impression!

Loving high-quality items that are comfortable and luxurious, the perfect pair of heels can make this romantic sign feel sexy and ready to let their hard work show. Loving earthy tones and with green as a lucky colour, rich brown ankle boots, neutral tone white cage booties, and green shades of pole dancing shoes are a great way to channel their warmth into a performance.

Familiar and careful doesn’t mean any less mesmerising

Taurus pole dancers are methodical in their craft, determined to succeed and practically loyal to their favourite routines. But this doesn’t make them repetitive to watch!

Beautifully choreographed to highlight the skills and techniques that they have learned, the Taurus pole dancer draws their audience in through a calming and kind aura as well as carefully considered motion.

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