pole dancing classes Brisbane

Best Pole Dancing Classes in Brisbane

 pole dancing classes Brisbane

Pole dancing is a fun and inclusive way to gain confidence, fitness, and friendships for people of all ages and fitness levels! Whether you are a beginner looking to branch into something new, or an advanced dancer wanting to expand your knowledge, there are pole classes in the Brisbane area waiting for you to join in the fun!

Why Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is the ultimate full body workout activity! With classes offered at your experience level to ensure maximum comfort, you’ll be able to not only improve your general fitness levels, but also gain confidence, have fun, and join a great community of like-minded individuals!

Is pole dancing a hard skill to learn?

Like anything, learning to pole dance is a skill that takes practice and dedication to reach new levels! However, for beginners or those looking for casual attendance, don’t let this dissuade you- even the most impressive dancers started somewhere! Learning the basic moves is fun and easy, and with time you will be surprised how much you know!

Are there many pole dancing classes in Brisbane?

Brisbane is a hub of activity and has many studios offering pole dancing classes from beginner to elite to cater to every skill level! Here are the top four Brisbane Pole Studios offering classes.

Pole Fitness Australia

pole fitness Australia

  • 4/469 S Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane QLD
  • Pole Courses- 6 Weeks – Student/Concession discount available
  • Casual Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Pole Party and Functions

Sure to be popular thanks to a exotic dancing taster class offered at $15 to ensure you are interested, there are many tiers of classes available here to make you feel welcome and ready to learn new skills! With the courses starting at $180 for beginners and leading to $219 for elite pole dancers, this school has everyone covered! Casual pole dancing classes are also offered at $20 per hour lesson, with private lessons for one person costing $75 each, meaning you can enjoy at your own pace and comfort level. Check out their website for more info and FAQ’s!

Hanger 66

Hanger 66

  • 2/24 Brereton St South Brisbane QLD
  • Casual and private lessons available
  • Courses run for 4 or 8 weeks
  • Online classes available from $18

Another fantastic school, Hanger 66 offers a range of classes from pole dancing and yoga to dance and much more! Whether you pay as you go or buy a package, there is a payment plan to suit every budget! Single pole dancing classes start at $25, or you can prepay five classes for $100 to enjoy some savings! With memberships also available to ensure you can get the most out of your time in the studio, this school is perfect for pole dancing beginners looking to try something new all the way to experts looking to refine their skills! Also offering private small group sessions, you and some of your closest friends can get social while you get fit and enjoy learning a new way to move your body! Look through their website and you’ll be sure to find the perfect pole dancing class and payment option to suit you!

The Pole Gym

The Pole Gym

  • Level 2 48 Burnett Ln Brisbane Queensland
  • 6-week term classes; everyone at the same level
  • Specialty classes available
  • Casual classes- pay as you go, or 6 weeks pass $299
  • Private lessons from $85 each


Evolve Pole Dance

  • Unit 5 12 Paisley Drive Lawnton Brisbane QLD
  • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced 8-week courses
  • Casual classes: Freestyle, Dance, or Fix My Tricks
  • Memberships: Bronze $35 – Silver $85 – Platinum $85

Offering an extensive timetable packed with a wide range of lesson styles, Evolve is famed for its ability to cater to every skill level and learning desire! Whether you are hoping to complete and 8-week course as a true beginner or focus on a particular skill to expand your repertoire, Evolve’s packed timetable has you covered! From pay as you go pole dancing lessons to membership deals perfectly suited to long-term learning, there is something for everyone at this beloved studio!

More Classes in Brisbane

  • Elements Pole Aerial
  • Sydney Pole (Brisbane City)
  • Luxe Pole and Aerial
  • PhysiPole Studios Salisbury
  • Addictive Pole Fitness
  • Gravity Fitness Academy
  • Infinity Pole Aerial Dance
  • Phoenix Pole Aerial Fitness Ipswich
  • C Solta Pole Dance Studio

What do I need to start?

While each school will have their own list of necessary items and will inform you of them at the time of booking, the ultimate staple item for pole dancing classes is of course the right pair of shoes; and we have you covered! Offering the best and most affordable pole dancing shoes in Australia, Otherworld Shoes has a wide range of performance heels that are ideal for both lessons and the stage!

 pole dancing shoeshttps://otherworldshoes.com.au/collections/pole-dancing

The best pole dancing shoe for beginners is generally considered to be the six-inch platform, such as the Delight-609 platform sandal or the Delight-1020 platform ankle boot. Available in an extensive range of colours, textures and styles, this shoe is the most recommended for beginners as it allows for ease of movement while ensuring you have the added height necessary for pole dancing.

For those wanting to try higher platforms, the seven-inch platform offered by the Adore-709 and its closed in ankle boot variety the Adore-1020 is perfect, while the staggering eight-inch heel height of the Flamingo-808 is an eye-catching choice loved by professionals!

While the option to choose an ankle boot, sandal, or even thigh high boot is a personal one, your instructors will be able to offer guidance on what will be best for you until you are confident enough to experiment with different heights and styles! Take the plunge and enjoy learning something new, and look fabulous while you do it! 

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