A Beginner's Guide to Pole Dancing Equipment

Gear Up for Success: A Beginner's Guide to Pole Dancing Equipment

Perfect your Pole Presentation and be Ready to Dance!

Whether you are starting pole dancing classes as a beginner or are looking for the essentials to get you ready to take on dancing at a club, having the correct gear sets you up for success. Whether it’s the best clothing for a snag-free routine, the best pole dancing heels to get you used to balancing, or body protection to keep you safe, ensuring you have the best preparation as a beginner pole dancer will help you reach your dancing potential!

What pole dancing gear should I have before starting lessons?

There are some essential items you need to have as a beginner pole dancer regardless of why you are getting started. These items are pretty stock standard for all beginners, but you can easily tailor them to suit your individual tastes and needs. These include:

  • Pole dancing shoes
  • Comfortable socks
  • Fitted clothing
  • Knee pads
  • Hair ties

pole dancer beginners

With these essential items in your kit, as well as some others, you’ll be ready to jump straight into learning new pole dancing moves and techniques. While there are several core items many would recommend, it is always a great idea to confirm with your specific pole dancing class instructor or school prior to attending your lesson to understand fully what they require and why.

What pole dancing shoes should I wear as a beginner?

For beginner pole dancers, the right shoes are paramount to a safe and comfortable pole dancing experience. In general, you’re looking for shoes that have a platform and high heels (as this is what you will be wearing most often) at a height that is comfortable for you. However, if you are not comfortable with height yet, you can easily wear some sexy high heels without a platform to practice in.

pole shoes for beginners

The safest way to wear women's high heels while pole dancing is to start with a lower heel and platform height and work your way up for a better gradual adaptation to the style. This will also help you perfect your movement on the pole, and make you look amazing while you do so!

You may also find that a women's platform ankle boot is a more comfortable choice for both female and male pole dancers as it allows for a tight fit around the foot and ankle, while a platform sandal can lead to injury if you lose your balance. For the best pole dancing shoes for beginners, check out hot exotic dancer high heel brands such as world-famous Pleaser high heels, Hella Heels, and many more !

What kind of clothing should I wear as a beginner pole dancer?

For your introduction to pole dancing, you’ll want to wear tight fitting yet comfortable and flexible clothing that won’t get in your way as you move and that offers you support. As pole classes are a solid workout, breathable workout clothing is the best choice to keep you cool, comfortable, and able to move freely.

For many dancers, workout shorts rather than tights are a great idea as you can get used to the feeling of your skin on the pole, which is essential for maintaining grip in many routines. It is also strongly recommended that you secure your hair back firmly and ensure it is as out of the way as possible; any items that may be caught between you and the pole can be a hazard to your safety.

pole dancer outfits

However, if you are unsure about what to wear, you are encouraged to confirm with your instructor prior to class to see what they specifically recommend for your skill level.

What other items should I have in my pole dancing equipment bag?

In your bag of pole dancing gear, you can never go wrong with extra items that keep you both safe from injury and comfortable! Over time you will personalise your stash with goodies that you have tried and loved, and that other dancers suggest from experience, but for a solid beginner’s pole equipment stockpile you might like to include the following:

  • If you are getting used to a new style of pole dancing shoe, or are wearing a boot and want extra comfort, a pair of comfortable socks can make a pair of shoes fit better and protect you from blisters.
  • Soothing balm is a useful addition to your bag and can help ease any foot or body pain caused from dancing and contact with the pole.
  • Shoe protectors are a great investment that help to keep your new, sexy pole dancing high heels safe from excess wear at the toe. With many pole and floor routine moves leaving your shoes dragging on the floor, this piece of fabric can help your shoes maintain their gorgeous upper for longer!
  • Knee pads are perfect for both beginner pole dancers and experienced ones alike; while you adjust yourself to a new pole dancing move, you can take comfort that your knees will not be bruised and injured. You may also find that particularly adventurous dancing would make elbow pads a helpful addition.

Preparing yourself as a beginner pole dancer is a task that must be taken seriously to avoid any injury or discomfort. By choosing to dress yourself well and sourcing the best exotic dancing shoes for your skill level and needs, you are setting yourself up for future success perfectly.

When you feel safe, secure, and comfortable, you will gain the confidence necessary to gain new skills! Prepare yourself as much as you possibly can, and step into the world of stage performing and pole dancing ready to take on all new challenges that come your way!

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