pole dancer shoes for beginners

Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners: Make the Best Choice to Start Your Dancing Journey!

Pole Dancer Shoes for Beginners

For pole dancing beginners, the correct shoe is the best place to start to ensure that you are reaching your full potential. Without a well-fitting, comfortable shoe, you will be lacking the security and confidence you need to properly move around the pole.

With the pole dancing shoe market being so diverse, and with so many options available, choosing the correct pair of high heels to start your pole dancing journey can feel intimidating. However, it doesn’t need to be a difficult task to buy pole dancing shoes for beginners. Starting with a few basic tips, you’ll be able to find the absolute best shoes for you!

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What types of shoes do pole dancers wear?

Pole dancers generally wear high heel shoes, or platform high heels for both the style and movement they offer. There are many options available for high heels for pole dancers, such as:

  • Platform ankle boots
  • Platform sandals
  • Stiletto high heel boots
  • Thigh high boots
  • Knee high boots •
  • Strappy sandals

Choosing the right shoe for your pole dancing style is a personal choice; if your shoe is comfortable and you feel sexy in it, there are no wrong choices! If you are confused, the educators at your local Pole Dancing school will be able to help you out when you sign up. Whether you are looking for the Best Pole Dancing Classes in Brisbane or Pole Dancing Studios in Sydney, finding a studio you feel comfortable in and that priorities safety and fun is the goal!

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What heel height is best for pole dancing beginners?

In general, the starting heel height for pole dancers in the early stages of learning is around 6-inches. This heel height usually also means that there is a small platform, which helps you to get used to added height and how your body will move. If the 6-inch high heel feels too high, there are also 5-inch platform high heel boots and sandals available that are both sexy and comfortable for lessons. When choosing your first pair of pole dancing shoes, you want to get a heel height that you feel confident in.

pole dancer platform height

How can I choose the best high heel size for me?

With your shoe sizing, you want to ensure a secure fit that isn’t either too tight or too loose. As retailers with nearly 20 years of experience, we would strongly recommend women not sizing up when it comes to choosing your heel size.

In our experience, even sizing up by one size in certain styles can lead to the foot sliding forward uncomfortably into the shoe as it stretches with wear. Choosing an ill-fitting sizing can result in an unsightly gap at the rear of the shoe, toes reaching over the front of the sole, discomfort, and even injury.

For men buying pole dancing shoes, we recommend sizing up by two sizes to convert men’s into women’s sizing, and taking care to ensure any boot or sandal can comfortably close over your ankle and leg.

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What are important things to know for beginners?

  • You should buy pole dancing shoes in a size as close to your normal shoe size as possible
  • If you wear a half size, in Pleaser platform high heels you generally will need to size up to the next full size
  • Start with a lower platform and heel combination, and gain confidence first
  • Choose a high heel that feels secure- many people start with an ankle boot • Learn how to properly lace up your boots for the best fit
  • Make sure your sandals can be secured tightly but without stretching
  • Listen to your body! If your shoes feel loose or tight, adjust them to fit
  • Buy a simple pattern first so you can get used to your shoes without worrying about damaging them
  • Experiment with what type of high heel styles you like the best • Don’t try advanced moves without supervision by a professional
  • Start slow and work your way up to more advanced moves and heel heights

What is the best pole dancer sandal for a beginner?

The most popular pole dancing sandal for beginners is the Pleaser Delight-609. With a 6-inch-high heel and 1 ¾ inch platform, this high heel sandal is a comfortable height to build confidence and skill while still looking amazing! Available in a massive range of colour options including red, black, white, blue, and chrome, this is a high heel sandal you will be able to learn and practice in with ease.

pleaser delight-609

What’s the best pole dancer boot for beginners?

The best pole dancing boot for a beginner is the Pleaser Delight-1020 ankle boot, as it is a secure and comfortable shoe that is as sexy as it is awesome to wear! With a 6-inch high heel and a 1 ¾ inch platform, the huge range of colour and pattern varieties of this boot means you can gain confidence and look great while you do it! Added protection for your ankles, this boot is ideal for learning but is also a great staple of your pole dance shoe collection!

pleaser delight-1020

Why are Pleasers the best shoes for pole dancers?

Despite not having much competition, Pleaser offers a gigantic range of sexy shoe styles at an affordable budget and is the top of the erotic shoe brands. While there are options such as Hella Heels on the market, Pleaser is the most popular choice for both professional dancers and enthusiastic hobbyists thanks to their huge, diverse range, their commitment to high quality items, and their affordability.

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What should I know about Pleaser Shoes?

Before you purchase your Pleaser pole dancing shoes, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the brand. Knowing more information about Pleaser Shoes can help ensure that you are choosing the right shoe for you, while understanding how to care for your Pleasers will help you keep your sexy new shoes in the best possible condition for all your classes to come!

What are the other Pole dancing Shoe brands other than Pleaser?

Pleaser is the best brand for beginners for sure but If you are curios about other brands, you can find them in Pole Dancing shoe brands post page.

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