how to stretch your pole dancing shoes

How to Stretch Your Pole Dancing Shoes

The best ways to make your pole dancing shoes fit your foot!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase yourself a pair of pole dancing high heels from Pleaser, Hella Heels, or another awesome pole dancing shoe brand, but sadly they are just a little too tight. You could exchange them for the size up, but then they might be too big which is even worse. This isn’t the end of the world, I can promise you that; from experience, I can tell you that with a few simple tweaks, your tight pole dancing shoes can be stretched out for a better fit over your foot!

Try the hair dryer technique

Tried and tested by pole dancers over many, many years, the hair dryer technique for stretching shoes is popular for a reason.Easily accessible and hard to mess up, using a hairdryer on a low heat while you wear a thick pair of socks and wear the shoes can help you stretch the plastic of a pole dancing shoe upper to help your foot fit better.

  • Hit your shoes with some heat for about 30 seconds
  • Pop your sock-wearing foot into the shoes and hit them with another 30 seconds of heat in areas that need some stretching.
  • Once you feel like your foot fits well, take your shoe off, let them cool, and try them on again without the sock.
  • If there are still some problem areas, try the technique again.
  • This is best used on shoes that are a little tight in the upper, like platform sandals, that only need a little bit of tweaking to fit perfectly.


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Invest in a shoe stretcher

When you need a little bit of a stretch but don’t have the time or patience to work with the hairdryer, a shoe stretcher can be the perfect solution. Easy to find and pretty cheap online, a shoe stretcher can make your pole dancing shoes fit to perfection! The best part is, once you’ve bought your shoe stretcher, you have it to use on all your new pairs as they arrive!


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Wear your shoes!

It might sound hard to believe, but a lot of the time simple sizing issues can be fixed by wearing in your new pole dancing shoes!

Wear them around the house while you’re doing your chores, keep them on while you cook dinner; practice wearing your shoes and over time the warmth of your foot paired with the movement will help add a little more give to the upper!

Shoe stretch sprays and liquids

Sometimes you need to bring in the big guns, and a shoe stretch spray or liquid can be what you need to help your shoe fit perfectly. Find a product you like and give it a shot! Be sure to follow the instructions closely though, you don’t want to damage your new boots!

When all else fails, call in the professionals

Your local shoe repair store should be able to help with making your pole dancing shoes fit perfectly; with the tools and experience they have, shoe repairers are able to work magic on most pairs of shoes to ensure they fit your foot.

By adjusting the upper and using their stretchers, your new favourite shoe repairer can usually offer solutions that suit you best.

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