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Pole Dancing Shoe Brands - Alternative to Pleasers

The best pole dancing shoe brands to choose from!

Pole dancing is an amazing combination of acrobatics and dance that looks beautiful and increases confidence! Whether for sport, work, or fun, pole dancing is a great way to get your body moving while also helping you to look and feel fantastic!

From beginner classes to competitions and even workplaces, pole dancing has grown to be recognised internationally as a great way to move your body. When getting yourself ready for pole dancing, it can be overwhelming to consider the huge range of style options available.

From beginners choosing the right pole dancing shoes to start with to experts sourcing a new pair, making sure you’ve found the best pole dancing shoe brand for your needs starts with getting to know the most popular brands!


Easily recognisable to beginners and seasoned pole dancing veterans alike, Pleaser is the most well-known pole dancing shoe brand in the world. Offering an eye-wateringly large range of high heel styles including boots, sandals, thigh high styles, and so much more,

Pleaser has something for everyone! With colour options that would make even the most picky dancer happy, as well as textured uppers and wonderful material options, there is a reason that Pleaser is the first choice of most dancers worldwide!

pleaser shoes

Whether you are looking for your first pair of platform high heels for pole dancing, or something new and exciting to wear on the stage, Pleaser has the style option you want at an affordable price point! Made to last and comfortable to wear, Pleaser is consistently the first stop on the pole dancing shoe purchasing journey!

Other shoe brands that are good Alternatives to Pleasers

    • Hella Heels

      Gorgeous and with a huge range, Hella Heels is another international brand known for a big range and beautiful high heel styles! With stores in the USA, UK, and Australia, dancers around the world recognise and enjoy Hella Heels both off and on the stage.

      hella heels

      With quality craftsmanship and lovely designs, Hella Heels is a popular choice among professional and beginner dancers. Whether you want a platform boot for practicing or a sexy high heel sandal in fun materials that will draw eyes to you, these shoes are never a bad choice!

      • GUILTEE

      A beautiful, Polish shoe company, Guiltee offer sexy shoe designs perfect for wowing anyone who sees you dance! High quality and available in lovely style and colour options, Guiltee are a great choice for European customers looking for something special!

      guiltee shop

      With many designs offering lace up closure for a great fit, these boots are perfect for wearing at every performance! Take advantage of the huge range on offer here and find the shoe style that you love the most!

      • Bespoke by Chacha

      Handmade and beautiful, Bespoke by Chacha offer made to order shoes that are a special treat for anyone who loves a sexy high heel! Based in Malaysia, this shoe brand offers the personal touch of a bespoke shoe design and the comfort of a high-quality shoe!

      Bespoke by Chacha

      Ideal for dancers who want to make their mark with a unique design, these shoes will be the ultimate attention-grabbing weapon while you are on the stage! Fully customisable, you’ll be able to incorporate all of your favourite high heel shoe options into one glorious design that is truly your own!

      • Lilith Heels

      Fun and creative, Lilith Heels offer gorgeous designs and stunning colour options that suit any theme you go for! Whether you want to be a sexy siren or give off a retro vibe, Lilith Heels are high quality items perfect for stage performances of any kind!

      lilith heels

      From sensual slow dances to high octane performances, these high heel boots, sandals, and shoes offer you the chance to explore new textures and colours in glorious designs!

      • Ellie Shoes

      With a range that includes costume high heels, competition heels, and also dancing shoes, Ellie Shoes has something for everyone!

      Regardless of how you choose to style yourself, the perfect pair of platform pole dancing shoes that are perfect for all your personal shoe needs are just a click away!

      ellie shoes

      From single-sole options to platform heel styles, as well as clear upper, stiletto, and boot designs, Ellie Shoes are a great place to shop for unique styles that fit your budget and look amazing!

      • Dance Mistress

      An Australia-based store, Dance Mistress specialises in beautiful bespoke pieces that make your stage presence pop! Offering beautiful platform high heel boots that are the most popular choice for pole dancers, you’ll find some truly gorgeous high heels on offer!

      dance Mistress shoes

      With glorious textures and patterns available, these pole dancing shoes are sexy and fun! Find the perfect colour match for your favourite stage outfit or choose your shoes first and create your outfit from there; no matter how you choose to style these heels you’ll be a winner!


      Finding a pole dancing shoe brand you love is a personal journey that is different for every dancer. While some dancers may love one brand or style the most, you may find that what you are most comfortable and happy in is different, and that’s ok!

      The best way to choose your new pair of pole dancing shoes is to do some research, ask other pole dancers their opinions, and even try out some different pairs yourself! Explore the world of pole dancing high heels with an open mind and see what makes you the happiest!

      Pleaser shoes

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