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Everything You Need to Know About Pleaser Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About This Sexy Brand!

pleaser shoes


Operating out of South California, Pleaser is an adaptable brand that offers a huge range of shoes perfect for not only pole dancing, but stage performances, nights out in clubs, and personal collections! While many men and women enjoy wearing Pleaser high heels to feel sexy on stage, there are many designs that are popular among alternative brides, and anyone looking for some sexy high heels to boost confidence!

pleaser thigh high boots

Inclusive sizing and styles comfortable for guys, gals, and our nonbinary pals, Pleaser ticks every box. With the style options including dramatically high platform sandals, platform boots, and sexy boots, Pleaser offers a range that the word sexy doesn’t even begin to cover!

Are Pleaser Shoes High Quality?

No matter how you plan to wear your Pleaser high heels, the quality is perfect for all occasions! Rated highly among performance heels, Pleaser offers durable, comfortable shoes that will keep your stage shoe looking as hot as possible without compromising the quality of the shoe!

high quality pleaser sandals

Made for pole dancing and other sexy routines, these amazing women’s high heel shoe styles are sexy pieces of wearable art that are comfortable and well made to last! By following some simple maintenance steps for how to clean and care for your Pleaser shoes, you’ll have these sexy high heels ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Are Pleaser Designs Better?

Well known as the go-to shoe for pole dancing, Pleaser high heels are the ultimate in sexy footwear not only because of their quality construction, but also because of their huge range! From sexy sandals, fun ankle boots, devilish thigh high boots, and saucy slides to knee-high boots and dazzling booties; Pleaser offers more than you can ever imagine!

Never one to shy away from the dramatic, the Pleaser range includes an extensive colour, texture, and material upper options to ensure every pair of shoes will match your vibe. With most shoe styles offering multiple variations on colour, there are also glitter, rhinestone, fur, and animal print options available.

amazing pleaser designs

This massive range of Pleaser shoe designs are always being extended with new styles added, which means that they are always a step above other brands!

Are you aware that you can stretch your pole shoes?

What About Cost?

Pleaser is a well-priced brand, with the massive range of style options often meaning that there are shoes to fit your budget needs available. With many styles offered made from vegan leather, these platform high heels and boots are at a luxurious yet affordable price.

 sexy pleaser flamingo heels

Constructed with professionals in mind, these shoes have been made to last and are at a price point that reflects their craftsmanship and style. While there are some cheaper brands on the market that may appeal, the beauty of the Pleaser brand shoes is that they are specifically created with your comfort needs in mind without compromising on the style.

With some real leather styles are available at higher prices in the range, these shoes are high quality pairs created by a world-famous brand and are very worth the price!

Why Pleaser Shoes are Better than Other Brands?

While Pleaser is highly rated, there are other similar brands available on the market that also offer similar styles for a range of customers. Whether you are drawn to a lower price or a seemingly higher quality shoe, let's take a closer look at two similar high heel brands and see how they measure up! ·

pleaser sexy boots

Pleaser vs Ellie Shoes

pleaser vs ellie shoes

Founded in California, this family company offers sexy styles at affordable prices. While their price point is attractive, the smaller range and lower quality of the shoes means that Pleaser remains the brand to beat. With a less pole dancer-friendly construction, Ellie Shoes are not recommended for dancers as they are less likely to remain comfortable and safe to wear during strong movement. You may find Ellie Shoes is a good choice for a formal event, a date night, or any occasion where you aren’t on your feet for a long time.

QUALITY four stars three stars
COMFORT five stars three stars
COST & EFFICIENCY five stars three stars
RANGE five stars three stars

Pleaser vs Hella Heels

pleaser heels vs hella heels

Hella Heels comes close to matching Pleaser thanks to a large range of high-quality footwear styles. However, as the more expensive brand between the two, Hella Heels also lacks the reputation Pleaser has earned as a comfortable shoe ideal for professional and amateur dancers alike. Sexy and fun, Hella Heels are a cool choice for a special event, but not so much as a performance shoe.

QUALITY four stars four stars
COMFORT five stars five stars
COST & EFFICIENCY five stars four stars
RANGE five stars four stars

Pleaser brand footwear is the number one beloved choice of sexy high heel styles for dancers, performers, and sexy lovers of fashion. Comfortable to wear during even the most vigorous routine, Pleasers are a staple item for pole dancers, exotic dancers, strippers and more! From lower heel options ideal for beginners to the staggering high platform shoe styles made for pros, there are platform height options in between to suit every need! By constantly updating their styles to offer an impressive range of colour, texture, and design options to their loyal customer base.

pleaser sandals

Pleaser high heels include styles for not only the stage, but your formal events such as Prom and weddings too! Highly rated in every category, there are few other brands that measure up to the sexy height that Pleaser has reached as a brand.

Other shoe brands that are good Alternatives to Pleasers

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