Pole Dance Classes in Sydney

Best Pole Dance Studious in Sydney

Sydney Pole dancing is a full body workout that not only gets your heart rate up, but also encourages you to embrace your sexuality and have fun moving your body! With classes open to both men and women, you can enjoy not only reaching new fitness goals, but also exploring the Pole Dancing community and all it has to offer! From casual classes to long-running programs in beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, it’s easy to find the class option that suits you, your skill level, and your budget!

Why Pole Dancing?

Suitable for all ages, Pole Dancing is a fun way to enjoy a workout and make new friends in a great community! For fun, fitness, or to expand your work skills, Pole Dancing classes are a great way to gain more confidence and help to improve balance, coordination, and more!

Pole Dancer Australia

Who Can Attend Pole Dancing Classes?

Contrary to popular belief, Pole Dancing classes are not just for women; many men also take great joy in learning a new skill and improving their fitness through various Pole Dancing classes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve strength, or challenge your body, classes are generally open to all with an interest in learning regardless of fitness level, age, or gender. With the minimum age of students generally accepted as 16 years of age, this can be a fun activity for all! Confirm with your chosen studio when booking to ensure you are finding the right class for you!

Pole Dancer Sydney

Is Finding a Pole Dancing Class in Sydney Easy?

Sydney is a huge area filled with many Pole Dancing studios, so finding the correct one for you is as easy as clicking a button! Whether you are searching for a Pole Dancing studio in the CBD or for something closer to the outer fringe of the city, we can help you source the closest classes to you! Here are some of the most popular schools:

Pole Dance Classes in Sydney

Pole Dance Academy

pole dance academy Sydney


  • With studios in Bondi Junction, Alexandria, Crow’s Nest and Manly, there are many options to suit you regardless of where you reside and can travel to around the Sydney area!
  • Whether you are looking for a beginner’s lesson, something to continue your education, or an expert class to polish your skills, Pole Dance Academy has you covered. With trial classes available to test the waters, finding a class that suits you is easy! Advance your knowledge and enjoy one of the routines taught in a term or get your friends together for a fun hen’s event no one will forget!
  • With discounts available for prepaid packages, Pole Dance Academy offers an inclusive payment plan for many classes to suit your needs as well as HUMM, an installment payment plan that will ensure your new fitness routine doesn’t hurt your budget. Starting as low as $25 for a prepaid casual class and reaching $500 for a 20 class pass over four months, you can be on your way to learning new moves before you know it!

Pole Athletica

Pole Athletica Sydney


  • Studio Location: 14 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Australia
  • With 10-week courses available to help you learn movement, rhythm, and a sexy routine, Pole Athletica is a fantastic Pole Dancing studio in Sydney that is easy to get to and will fit perfectly into your lifestyle! Whether you are traveling to a class on your way home from work, or to enjoy a function such as a hen’s night with your best friends, this studio is an inclusive space where all can enjoy learning something new!
  • Thanks to the ability to tailor classes to suit your needs and skill level, you can choose to attend one or two classes weekly, enjoy unlimited free practice time, or take advantage of the casual classes option for $42 and see where your new journey takes you!

Bobbi’s Gold Pole Studio

Bobbi's Gold Sydney


  • Studio Location: 2/207 Clarence St, Sydney
  • From beginners to advanced and every skill level in between, Bobbi’s Gold Pole Studio is a fantastic place to learn flexibility, chair and lap dancing, and conditioning. Taught by experienced dancers, the classes offered by this studio are designed to not only enhance your physical skills, but to also encourage a team and community spirit through intimate class sizes and inclusive participation.
  • Featuring what may be the most extensive array of class style offerings, Bobbi’s Studio is a comprehensive program that will help you develop your physical skills, enhance your fitness, and encourage you to explore new and interesting ways to get fit!


Duality Sydney


  • Studio Location: Basement, 28 O’Connell St, Sydney, NSW 2000
  • With an emphasis on embracing your physicality and sexuality, Duality is a studio that encourages participation from all with a passion for learning! Whether you are completely new to pole dancing or are looking to further your skill set, this studio is perfect for you! With a sexy atmosphere creating a beautiful background for learning, immersing yourself in this fun community will help you achieve your goals and look fabulous while you do it!
  • An 8-week season is the basis for a range of class styles from Dance, Strip and Tricks, with pricing ranging from $250 for one class per week to $650 for four classes per week. While the recommendation is to take as many classes a week as possible for the best results, beginners can enjoy easing into lessons and finding what structure works best for you!

Studio Exclusive

Studio Exclusive

  • Studio Location: 2/48 Penshurst St, Willoughby NSW 2068 & 38-50 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047
  • For those who prefer a dedicated women’s only experience, Studio Exclusive is the Pole Dancing studio for you! With an emphasis on building confidence, Studio Exclusive is a calming and empowering community that focuses on health, fitness, and strength. Believing that mental well-being and physical strength go hand in hand, the teachers in this studio are dedicated to creating a fun and educational environment that encourages women of all skill levels to enjoy the pole dancing journey they are on!
  • With 12 free classes on offer upon joining, as well as a cancel anytime policy, beginners are welcome to dip their toes into the pole dancing life and find exactly the class that suits them best! Start with a tour and a trial, and dive into classes for as low as $34 per week!

Other Major Pole Studios in Sydney

  • Pole Class
  • Achieve Pole & Fitness Studio
  • Studio Exclusive Pole Dancing Drummoyne
  • Bohemio Pole Studio
  • Love Pole
  • Wonderlust Pole Studio

What Do I Need Before I Start Pole Dancing Classes?

Each studio will provide you with their own list of necessary items; this should be provided to you at the time of booking. However, the ultimate stapple item for any pole dancing class you attend is of course the perfect pair of shoes; and at Otherworld Shoes, we will have you ready for every course offered! With the best and most affordable pole dancing shoes in Australia available, Otherworld Shoes has performance heels specifically designed to be ideal for both lessons and the stage!

Pole Dance Shoes

The most highly recommended pole dancing shoes for beginner dancers are the six-inch platform styles that allows for ease of movement while ensuring you have the added height necessary for pole dancing. This includes the Delight-609 platform sandal and the Delight-1020 platform ankle boot, which is available in a range of colours, styles, and textures! For the more advanced dancer, higher platforms such as the seven-inch platform offered by the Adore-709 and it’s closed in ankle boot variety the Adore-1020 is a stunning choice, while the astounding Flamingo-808 with its eight-inch heel a professional standard shoe that requires practice and confidence!

With ankle boots, sandals, and thigh high boots available to choose from, individual instructors for each course will be able to direct you to which stye they most recommend. With experience will come the ability to explore and experiment with different heights and styles, allowing you to find your own personal pole dancing identity! Explore the outer borders of your comfort zone and look fantastic while you do so with your own pair of Pleaser platform high heels!


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