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Best Gold Coast Pole Dancing Studios: Reviews & Comparisons

As a fun way to gain confidence and improve your fitness, Pole dancing welcomes people of all ages and skill levels into the community! From beginner classes that teach you the very basics of the sport to more advanced lessons for those who love a challenge, the Gold Coast is home to a great variety of studios ready to welcome you into the fun and engaging activity!

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Why should I try Pole Dancing?

As a way to get your whole body moving, your fitness to excel, and to grow your community, pole dancing is the ultimate activity to try! With there being many health benefits to pole dancing, as well as a social and community aspect that many love, pole dancing is more than just a single dance style. Whether you intend to become a professional dancer, want to grow your skill set, or are looking for an empowering new activity, pole dancing is for you.

Why are there more pole dancers studios on the Gold Coast than Brisbane?

  • Tourism
  • Reputation
  • Fitness Trend
  • Demographics
  • Media Influence
  • Influencers
  • Body Positive Environment
  • Strong Dance Community
  • Business Climate
  • Early Adaption

What are the most famous beginner-friendly pole studios on the Gold Coast?

Filled with studios and clubs, the Gold Coast is a hub of activity that is filled with great places to learn how to pole dance at every level! From beginners and casual learners to professionals and experts wanting to grow their skills, there are classes available for all to enjoy.

Pole Catz


  • Website: https://www.polecatz.com.au/
  • Address: 3/33 Machinery Dr, Tweed Heads NSW 2485 (Close to QLD border)
  • Phone: 0406 204 997
  • Pole Classes: 6 or 12 weeks
  • Casual Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Pole Party and Functions

Featuring a stacked schedule filled with classes run by amazing teachers, this studio is a full-spectrum learning experience that caters to every pole dancing speciality!

From pole fitness classes, burlesque classes for all fitness levels, and spin to specialities such as doubles, floor work, and silks, this studio is an amazing place to grow as a dancer. Whether you are looking for somewhere to take the occasional class, or for a 12 week program, Pole Catz is ready for you!

Pole Catz Prices:

  • Single session class: $25
  • 5 session class:$100
  • 1 month unlimited: $200
  • 6 weeks pole course: $150
  • 12 weeks pole course: $300

GC Polefit

  • Website: https://www.gcpolefit.com.au/
  • Address: 87 Griffith St, Coolangatta QLD 4225
  • Phone: 0458 155 970
  • Short courses, speciality classes, and workshops
  • Parties and Events welcomed

Dedicated to teaching students from the very beginning, GC Polefit places a strong value on mastering skills at the beginner level before moving forward. With all students expected to take a term of the beginners classes, a foundation of safety and strength sets all students up for success.

With five class levels, as well as speciality courses including burlesque, chair, flow, and more; this studio is run by a passionate group of professionals that are dedicated to safety and community. Welcoming and warm, this studio is a great place to start your pole dancing journey!

GC Polefit Prices:

  • Single class: $35
  • Unlimited membership: $80 weekly
  • 5 class pass $150
  • 10 class pass: $250

Studio Eden

  • Website: https://studioeden.com.au/classes/
  • Address: 2/4 Strathaird Rd, Bundall QLD 4217
  • Phone: 0468 352 289
  • Casual classes, courses, fitness, or private tuition
  • MamaFit classes for mums with creche available
  • 7 levels of skill-based class learning

With a heavy focus on learning in a safe and comfortable environment, Studio Eden is a haven for dancers new and experienced! With casual classes in a range of styles to courses that focus on learning new skills and exploring techniques, there are also a huge range of fitness based classes to keep your heart pumping and your body moving!

With personal training and pole tuition also available, Studio Eden is a comfortable environment you'll love to learn in. If you are new to the sport or already familiar with your favourite style, this studio offers professional tutoring that will get you results.

For mama's looking for a fun way to make friends, learn something new, and feel confident and strong again, the MamaFit classes offer a beautiful creche for your little one to enjoy while you get your body moving!

Studio Eden Prices:

  • Casual Class 1 hour: $30
  • Unlimited 1 month: $240
  • 4 week course: $110
  • 8 weeks course: $210
  • Membership options are available

Queens Of Pole

  • Website: https://www.queensofpole.com/
  • Ormeau Address: U2, 87 Larhs Road, Ormeau QLD
  • Helensvale Address: U8, 74 Millaroo Drive, Helensvale QLD
  • Ormeau Phone: 0452468151
  • Helensvale Phone: 0433811123
  • Level progression classes
  • Casual classes
  • Level assessments available

Offering both fitness and dance education, Queens of Pole encourages a sisterhood of confidence and skills to be created in this fantastic studio! Whether you want to start with one of their 30 minute starter classes to get a feel for the sport, or jump right into an 8 week course, this studio and its dedicated teachers will make you feel welcome and empowered right from your first visit.

Also available for private events and private lessons, this studio is open to dancer soft all ages looking to get fit! There are also courses of various lengths, casual classes, and even competitions to join that will test you in the best way!

Queens of Pole Prices:

  • Bronze Member: $40 weekly
  • Silver Member: $50 weekly
  • Gold Member: $60 weekly
  • 7 day casual class: $70
  • 5 class pack: $100
  • 10 class pack: $195

Rokh Fit Studio

  • Website: https://www.rokhfit.com.au/
  • Address: 2/19 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads
  • Phone: 0756070575
  • Inclusive studio for men and women
  • Fitness and Dance for all ages
  • Parties, Performances, and more

With a focus on the community of fitness and dance education, Rokh Fit Studio welcomes everyone into the community with open arms! Filled with dedicated teachers that are passionate about teaching all dancers the best skills to gain confidence and technique, students can enjoy many benefits of this studio!

With casual classes and monthly passes available, as well as kids classes run by a paediatric physiotherapist, this is a studio for the whole family.

Rokh Fit Studio Prices:

  • Casual class: $30
  • Monthly pass: $300
  • 10x class pass: $260
  • 3x class pass: $50

Do I need specific items to start?

Each studio with provide new students with their own list of necessary pole dancing gear for beginners, but there are some key items that will be very handy in your bag:

  • A comfortable pair for pole dancing shoes
  • Socks
  • Band-aids for blisters or minor injuries
  • Bruise Balms
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Towel Deodorant

As perhaps the most important item in your bag, the perfect pair of Pole Dancing high heels will help you learn with confidence! There is a wide range of Pole dancing performance heels that are ideal for both lessons and the stage available to choose from, including platform ankle boots, platform sandals, and creative styles that draw the eye!

While you will find your own personal favourites, the most common pole dancing shoe for beginners is often considered to be the six-inch platform, such as the Delight-609 platform sandal or the Delight-1020 platform ankle boot. Don't be shy, why not experiment with some different high heels and see what makes you feel the best?

Finding a pole dancing studio near you is the first step in starting a new journey, or continuing one you've already begun.

With so many amazing companies ready to embrace new students, these studios are a safe place for many men and women to learn new skills and create strong bonds with other dancers. From beginners to advanced level dancers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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