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Pole Dancing: Build Strength, Boost Mood, Own Your Power

How can taking up pole dancing help me get healthier?

Pole dancing is a multi-faceted activity. From physically demanding stage routines to exuding a confident persona, pole dancing is a whole body and mind workout that can be pretty demanding.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t amazing health benefits that make all the hard work worth it! From physical to mental health, pole dancing can have a massive impact on your life in many different ways!

Physical Benefits of Pole Dancing:

  • Increase Physical Strength & Balance
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Burn Fat & Increase Stamina
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Mind Muscle Connection
  • Increased Bone Density

Mental Benefits of Pole Dancing:

  • Confidence & Empowerment
  • Become a Part of Huge Community
  • Lower Stress, Release Happy Hormones, Sleep Better
  • Improve Your Creativity, Strength Your Memory
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt
  • Playfulness and Joy
The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Let's Talk About Physical  Benefits

1- Increase your physical strength

There is a reason that pole dancing for fitness has such a huge following; it is a fun way to move your body and gain muscle!

Like all dancing, pole dancing relies on your physicality to create fluid, sensual movement. With each move, your muscles get stronger and more able to carry you in the ways your mind envisions.

2- Balance & Coordination

As your body continues to learn new ways to move and be controlled, you have the benefit of also enhancing your balance, coordination, and flexibility!

With a better understanding and respect for your body, you can be more in control of your movements than ever before; and this can have benefits in every aspect of your life!

You’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more capable in many different environments and aspects of your life, and that ripple effect will also boost your mood and confidence!

3- Burn fat, increase stamina, feel amazing!

As we’ve mentioned, pole dancing is a full-body workout; from your legs and arms to your core, you are getting your whole body involved every time you strut your stuff. Much more than just spinning around, pole dancing is an exercise that raises your heartbeat to a fat-burning level while you dance.

Helping you burn fat and increase your stamina; pole dancing gets you in a great position to enhance yourself in physical ways and promote healthy mental well-being!

4- Increase flexibility

As you learn more techniques, you’ll be surprised at just how much your body adapts to increase flexibility!

With pole dancing not only working out your muscles but also giving your joints a chance to shine, you can learn to contort your body in new and interesting ways. As a major part of many dancers’ routines, the main example of flexibility remains as the splits!

Something all dancers will find themselves attempting at some stage, this level of flexibility is a sexy and fun part of the package!

5- Effective for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Your heart health is important, and finding ways to make sure you are getting your blood pumping and your heart rate to a good level is not always a chore.

With pole dancing, your cardo health is definitely supported thanks to steady maintenance of an elevated heartbeat as well as a healthy demand on your lungs!

The best workout for heart health is one you can do regularly that keeps your heartrate at an increased level, and pole dancing ticks all the boxes! With the added benefit of being fun, pole dancing is a great way to stay active and keep your cardiovascular system in top shape!

6- Mind Muscle Connection

The mind muscle connection is a way of focusing on a specific muscle while training. Regarding pole dancing, the mind muscle connection can aid in not only training specific parts of your body during practice, but also encourages a stronger connection between your mind and the movement of your body while on stage. This can result in a more fluid, confident performance.

7- Increased Bone Density

With healthy muscles come stronger, healthier bones, and pole dancing is a great way to strengthen your muscles while having fun! By keeping up with a regular training routine, your muscles and therefore your bones are stronger in your legs, arms, and the trunk of your body.

Let's Talk About Mental Benefits!

1- Self-Confidence

Nothing is more valuable than a strong sense of self, and with the discipline and progress you will see over the course of your pole dancing journey you will gain an amazing newfound self-confidence!

Lots of dancers, whether professional or hobby, find that the act of learning and performing pole dancing is something that has boosted their confidence in the best way!

From feeling physically stronger to realising how empowering pole dancing can be, self-confidence is a huge benefit of this sport!

Learn more about how pole dancing improve your confidence!

2- Improve your creativity and strengthen your memory

While there are so many physical benefits to pole dancing that also promote strong mental health, another massive tick in the pro column for taking up this sport is that is promotes creativity and keeps your mind fresh!

Whether you're testing your memory as you learn other people’s choreography, and feeling like a boss every time you nail it, to flexing your creative muscles by devising your own routines, the mental workout is a fun challenge!

3- Become part of a new, huge community!

For guys, gals, and our non-binary pals, the pole dancing community is a warm and welcoming group of people who come together in many ways to share experiences and become a huge support network.

With classes run by passionate professionals available to help newcomers feel supported, as well as online groups that welcome dancers of all skill levels, this community is an accepting space for everyone who loves to dance.

4- Lower stress, release happy hormones, and sleep better

There's nothing like a good, solid workout to boost your spirits and make you feel like you’ve achieved something, and pole dancing is a great way to get a hit of endorphins that will lower your stress levels, make you feel happy, and even lead to a great night’s sleep!

Working out your full body and getting that blood pumping, this style of movement is perfect for flooding your body with feel-good hormones that transform you into a zen, calm person!

5- Goal Setting and Achievement

While there are many physical health benefits to pole dancing, the mental ones are also important to recognise. By setting yourself a goal and working towards its achievement, you will be improving your mental fortitude and can enjoy a feeling of immense satisfaction. Watching yourself improve as a ole dancer, gaining new skills, and reaching targets is a great way to keep yourself mentally healthy.

6- Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt

It can be intimidating starting a new challenge, but by working within a team and independently to learn a new skill, your ability to overcome fear and self-doubt while pole dancing will make you a stronger, more resilient pole dancer. This attitude will extend to other areas of your life too and be a great source of confidence!

7- Playfulness and Joy

Taking control of your body through pole dancing has many benefits, and with each of them comes a sense of joy that can’t be beaten! With a rush of endorphins after every workout or performance, as well as the ever-expanding knowledge and strength you’ll find as a dancer, your mind will be challenged and can expand.

With your new skills under your belt, more confidence, and a sense of achievement, your playfulness and happiness will grow not only as a pole dancer, but as a person!


Pole dancing has so many benefits that translate into other aspects of your life, from promoting a strong cardio health to helping keep your mental health stable.

Whether you are looking to gain physical strength or to join a community of amazing people, pole dancing is an activity that offers so many great outcomes for all who participate!

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