build strength and balance with pole dancing

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: Build Strength & Balance with Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is often wrongly considered easy to do; this assumption is not only incorrect, but also does a serious disservice to the efforts of those who participate in this sport. Requiring training to safely participate, pole dancing has an amazing effect on all aspects of the dancers’ mind and body.

From a calmer and more centred disposition that comes from satisfying exercise and performance to the increase in muscle and balance caused by increased physical activity, pole dancing offers many benefits. Physically, there are a long list of ways that your body can be changed by taking up this style of dancing.

Muscles are engaged during pole dancing in various ways:

Pole dancing is a full body workout no matter how far into training you are. Working your upper body, core, and lower body, pole dancing engages all of your muscles during different movements to achieve strength and form.

Some moves that promote your upper body strength include:

  • Fireman
  • Spin
  • Climb
  • Fan kick

A few pole dancing moves which will promote your core strength are:

  • Arms only Climb
  • Barbed Wire
  • Tucked Spin
  • Scissor Sit

For increased lower body strength while pole dancing, try:

  • Dragonfly
  • Rainbow
  • Pole Fit
  • Stag Spin

How can my physical look change from pole dancing?

With increased physical activity, you may notice increased muscle tone, loss of body fat, and a change in your body shape. Depending on how often you practice, how demanding your routines are, and other lifestyle factors, you may notice that your body changes to reflect your increased strength and flexibility within a few months.

Will I get bulky from pole dancing?

Everyone’s bodies are different and react differently to gaining muscle. However, it would take some serious commitment to bulk up from pole dancing. Instead, most dancers find themselves getting a lean strength, with muscles growing and movement leading to fat loss.

Dancers will experience better balance!

Another great physical benefit of pole dancing is better balance! With so many moves utilising your full body strength, you need to have a conscious familiarity of your balance and centre of gravity. Over time, this increased sensitivity to the way your body moves, and the necessity of balance will lead you to develop a stronger steadiness and more stability.

Pole dancers will also notice an increase in flexibility!

In equal measure with the development of better balance and stronger muscles comes an increase in flexibility!

Like anything, this change in your body will take time to develop to a higher level, but before you know it you will be able to move your body in many ways. With many moves requiring the pole dancer to either grip with legs, hips, and arms, to hang upside down, or to contort themselves, pole dancing encourages greater flexibility at all skill levels.

Physically speaking, taking up pole dancing is a fantastic way to notice changes in your body such as muscle growth, increased balance, and better flexibility. While some changes will be noticeable after a short time, the long-term benefits of the sport can be carried with you for years to come.

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