improve confiden with pole dancing

How Pole Dancing Can Improve Your Self Confidence

Pole dancing is such a widely varied activity, popular not only as an outlet for dancers that can prove quite lucrative, but also as a sport and art form that demands respect and gets it!

Accessible for all ages and skill levels, there are many health benefits to pole dancing that make it a great way to move your body and clear your mind. Feeling strong in body and empowered in mind, pole dancing is a great way to help yourself bloom into a self-confident performer!

How Can Pole Dancing Improve and Boost Your Confidence?

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you were a more confident, bold person? Well, taking up pole dancing is an amazing way to get yourself out of your usual routine and into a new community that prioritises empowering everybody regardless of who they are! Not convinced yet? Here are how pole dancing boost your confidenc:

  • Weight loss, building muscle; training your body to move in new ways will leave you loving your new physique!
  • You’ll notice your cardio health dramatically changes as you learn pole dancing, and this translates into a healthier, happier you!
  • Regular exercise can help balance your mental health by boosting oxygen, dopamine, and serotonin!
  • Expand your social circle and make new like-minded friends! With a new support network, you'll be feeling supported, encouraged, and ready to face the world in a new way.
  • Gaining skills and succeeding in perfecting challenging pole tricks results in a sense of accomplishment; enjoy a new "I can do anything I put my mind to!" attitude!
  • Build Resilience: the best way to gain confidence is by pushing through failures, which are just practice runs for success! embrace your setbacks and push through challenging moments to learn resilience that applies to all of your life!
  • Self-Discovery caused by pole dancing can help you break out of the usual pre-determined roles you construct in your mind so you can truly be yourself!
  • Celebrate your success and embrace your wins; never forget to congratulate yourself on both big and small victories in your pole dancing journey and celebrate your hard work!
  • Confidence is really trust in yourself; every time you master a new move, spin with vigour, or complete a routine without error, you continue to grow the seed of success in your mind that blossoms into a new confidence!
  • Dressing the part certainly boots your confidence; wearing the sexiest pole shoes makes you feel and look like a capable, sexy dancer during every class and routine

As you go on your pole dancing journey, you’ll find there are always new benefits to this great hobby to enjoy!

I’m Shy but Don’t Want to Be, How Can Pole Dancing Help Me be More Confident?

Recognising that you are ready to make a change and grow your self-confidence is half the battle when it comes to making a change, and to take the next step there are a few easy ways you can start!

First, have a look around your local area for classes and studios that run beginner lessons. This can feel a little intimidating, but please know that pole dancing studios are run by passionate professionals who love pole dancing and want everyone else to love it too!

If you are a little nervous, maybe see if a friend wants to join in too! From there, you’ll be getting ready for your first class, and this is where the fun really begins!

From learning new routines that move you in sensual, beautiful ways to wearing super-hot platform pole boots that make you look strong and feel confident, you’ll quickly notice that you are becoming a more confident person.

With each new lesson and skill you learn, and every new pair of sexy, powerful pole dancing shoes that really help you look the part, your confidence can soar!

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