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The Duality of the Gemini Pole Dancer

Gemini (April 19- May 20)


An Air sign, Gemini star signs are funny, curious, impulsive and outgoing people that are as charming and social as they are restless and indecisive! Expressive and imaginative, Gemini pole dancers are loud and proud; drawing an audience that can’t look away from their expressive style!

Gemini’s are the twins of the Zodiac and as such, are filled with multitudes. Living to entertain but also loving a one-on-one chat, this sign is a fearless and innovative thinker that as a pole dancer draws attention and creates beautiful energy on the stage!

Birthday: 20 May – 20 June

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Colours: Shades of yellow and green

Quick Fact: Are very observant and funny!

Favourite Pole Shoes: Flamingo-809 Gold Platform Sandals

Super Powers:

  • Genuine and Great Communicators
  • Super Smart
  • Mischievous
gemini pole dancers


Never a Dull Moment: Motivated and excitable, Gemini dancers are always busy and looking for their next favourite project!

Communication: Gemini’s are strong communicators who love to be open about what they are thinking and feeling. They also ADORE having the latest goss and knowing all there is to know about everything..... if there is some info floating around, you can bet your Gemini friend knows all! As a dancer, this translates to amazing relationships with customers, and a dance style that speaks volumes!

Ready and Willing to Adapt: A Gemini personality is ready to take on any challenge and thrive through their willingness to adapt to new situations with ease! Always ready to learn new things, a Gemini dancer is open to change and ready to become whatever the situation needs!


Being Lonely: As the sign of the twins, it’s pretty clear to see that this sign is not made for solo adventures. Craving attention and having a naturally attractive aura, Gemini’s have a large social circle and are never far from a crowd!

Being Overly Attached: Always ready for a new challenge or the newest shiny attraction, a Gemini is the type to feel caged when they have been in one place too long. Make them feel like they can't take flight whenever they want and see this social butterfly fly away!


Gemini dancers love to be clear in communicating their message, and as dancers this means that their beautiful and thoughtful routines are a dream to watch. With so much curiosity, the Gemini dancer is always open to trying new moves, learning new routines, and making their stage presence one that the audience loves.

Always ready to become whatever they need to be to succeed, the Gemini pole dancer hates routine and boring monotony, so be prepared to be amazed at the range they display! Tips for A Gemini: We know you don’t stay still for long, so enjoy branching out into all aspects of your performance like costumes, directing, and more!


Always ready to shake things up and keep things fresh, a new pair of sexy shoes is never a bad idea! As a performer who loves to tell a story on stage, Gemini dancers are expressive in so many ways including the colour and texture choices they choose for their costume!

With yellow as a power colour, the Gemini draws all eyes with bright and fun shades of yellow, and also rich gold tones! Look and feel rich, expressive, joyful, and like a star with a fun pair of sunny shoes. As an Air sign, this dancer is constantly in motion and thrilled at being adventurous and free!

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