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Crabs Can Climb Too: Pole Dancing for the Cancer Zodiac

Cancer (June 21- July 22)


Known for being intuitive, imaginative, compassionate, sensitive, reliable and romantic, the crab of the Zodiac is a water sign to love. Helpful and loyal, Cancer pole dancers draw crowds with their sensual routines and beautifully attentive souls that bring comfort to all they meet!

With a strength that makes them the caring leaders of their pole team, the Cancer dancer is a born innovator who tends to their audience with an artistic flair and a sensitive nature.

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Birthday: 21 June – 22 July

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Favourite Colour: Silver

Secondary Favourite Colors: Sea Green, White

Quick Fact: Are very in tune with their emotional power

Favourite Pole Shoes: Thigh High Silver Hologram Boots

Super Powers:

  • Making strong, loyal connections
  • Provide exquisite vibes
  • Creative and helpful


Nurturing: Natural givers, the Cancer dancer is empathetic and calming in nature. Poised and expressive, they create a beautiful and safe environment everyone loves to bask in!

Intuition on Point: Absolutely amazing at being intuitive, the Cancer pole dancer is able to read a room like no other! Adaptable, this Zodiac sign is an amazing visual artist who follows vibes perfectly and is a dream to watch and talk to!

Emotional Intelligence Meets Creativity: A Cancer creative utilises their emotional intelligence to make an impactful routine that is enjoyable to watch and a pleasure to dance. Always adaptable and eager to tell a story through dance, this sign makes magic on the pole that never shies away from being expressive.


Can Be Insecure: While the sign is a natural emotional creative, a Cancer can find themselves being insecure! Whether that is in regard to their dance skills or position as the nurturer, insecurity can take over our Cancer friends quickly!

Being Overbearing: Known as the soulful comforter, this sign is loved for their caring and sensitive attitude. However, this can become a little overbearing and lead to some passive aggressive behaviour!


Cancer dancers are a true water sign, with their creative moods ebbing and flowing much like the calming tides of the sea. With that constant flow comes an adaptability that they use in their dancing to learn new skills, sense the mood of those around them, and alter their performance to suit that need. Pole dancing is a magnificent outlet for a Cancer, as the style allows them to be expressive, creative, and free!

Tips for A Cancer: Trust your intuition and let yourself be taken away with the emotion you feel!


cancer pole dancers silver shoes

In Cancer Season, flowing layers and staple colours are a powerful combination that reflect the connection between the zodiac sign and the sensuality they are known for. With Cancer colours including sea green to match with your ocean connection, as well as shimmering silver, these colours are reflections of the way the Cancer dancers were born to shine!

Whether you choose to wear a matching outfit and shoe combo or are looking to explore ways to display your strongest Zodiac inspired pole dancing outfit, embracing loose layers that flow with your dance style in sultry ocean green tones is a beautiful way to connect to your sign. By adding some sexy silver high heels to your look, you’ll shine and shimmer in the perfect way that highlights your creative movement and sexy pole dance style!

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