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How to Clean and Care Your Pleaser Shoes

Maintaining your Pleaser High Heels in a few simple steps!

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Pleaser shoes are one of the most coveted sexy footwear brands in the world, perfect for pole dancing, burlesque performers, strippers, special occasions, and any other event you can imagine! Whether you use your Pleasers as a fun addition to your wardrobe or as a work shoe for stage performers, keeping them clean and well maintained is the key to making your Pleaser high heels last as long as possible.

With styles of Pleaser high heels available in a wide range of materials such as leather, vegan leather, suede, and glitter, there are many different techniques you can employ to keep your shoes looking brand new all year long! From proper care during and after wear to correct storage methods, learning how to maintain your sexy high heels is both easy to do and guaranteed to be well worth it!

How do you keep synthetic vegan leather Pleasers clean?

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The best way to maintain your Pleaser shoes is to follow a few simple steps after each wear.

  • Synthetic matte vegan leather is both durable and easy to maintain, which makes it a fantastic material for Pleaser sandals and boots!
  • To ensure your matte synthetic leather shoes stay looking their best, keep them dry and clean by wiping them down with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust and dirt, and use a diluted cleaning liquid on a slightly damp cloth to remove any stubborn marks.
  • For glossy synthetic leather uppers, maintaining their shine relies on avoiding water or soaps on the material and instead use a clean, dry cloth to gently remove dust and dirt.

How do I care for leather Pleaser boots?

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Caring for leather boots can often seem like a daunting task, especially after a night out, but with small consistent maintenance your leather.

  • Pleaser boots will last for a long time!
  • It is best for your Pleasers to avoid water and mud, and to not wear your boots in extreme conditions.
  • If you do happen to get your Pleaser leather boots wet, drying them quickly by wiping them with a clean cloth, and removing any surface dirt will help keep the leather healthy.
  • Investing in a leather cleaner and polish is also a great idea, as this will help keep the material clean while avoiding wear to the leather.

How do I maintain suede Pleaser Pole Shoes?

how to clean suede boots

The range of suede material varieties offered by Pleaser are gorgeous and popular, with a huge range of colours available in multiple styles to ensure that you can find the perfect match for your aesthetic every time. With some simple steps after each wear, you can keep your suede Pleaser boots in beautiful condition for years to come!

  • For preventative care, waterproofing your suede boots great for ensuring that they remain looking like new, and are easier to care for over time
  • This ensures your boots are protected from most general dirt and grime that will be picked up on regular wearing, as well as many other external damages that may occur
  • Once waterproofed, regular shoe maintenance will allow you to keep your boots in good condition
  • As it is not recommended that you get your Pleaser shoes wet, a gentle wipe with a damp, clean cotton or microfiber cloth will remove most dust and dirt from the surface of your boots

How do you protect pole dancing shoes during wear?

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For protection while wearing your Pleaser shoes, there are many options such as toe and heel guards that minimise wear on the most used parts of the shoe while performing on stage. These can be purchased online and are often available in may colour options to match your specific styles.

How should I store my Pleaser Boots?

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  • Storing your Pleaser shoes correctly begins with ensuring that you are unzipping or unlacing your
  • Pleaser boots fully each time you remove them; failure to properly loosen the laces and open the zip fully can sadly cause not only damage to the zip and lace-up eyelets themselves, but also to the rest of the shoe if you are forcing your foot either into or out of it
  • Aside from cleaning the shoes after each use, Pleasers should be stored correctly to keep them from being damaged
  • When storing your Pleaser sandals or boots, keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to prevent warping or damage to the upper
  • For leather styles, store either flat or standing with support to minimise folds as this will also stop creasing that can lead to peeling

How can I stop my PU Leather and Leather Pleasers from peeling?

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An unfortunate sign of aging for many leather shoes, whether real leather or a synthetic vegan leather, is the peeling of the top layer of the material. But don’t panic, there are ways to minimise the chance of this happening and keep your boots looking fresh and new!

  • For synthetic leather shoes, wiping any dirt away with a clean dry cloth will do wonders for keeping the material from degrading, which leads to peeling
  • For matte styles, a slightly damp cloth can remove stubborn marks, while gloss Pleaser shoes should avoid moisture and soaps
  • For leather styles, treatment with a leather protectant and cleaner regularly will maintain the material and aid in keeping the upper together
  • For all Pleaser styles, correct storage in either a box or bag in a cool, dark space will help slow the aging of the shoe

Pleaser Shoe Warranty

We are so confident in the longevity of your Pleaser shoes when they are maintained well that we offer a six-month warranty for all Pleaser high heels, sandals, and boots ordered through Otherworld Shoes! Should your new Pleaser shoes show any signs of manufacturer’s faults, or unreasonable wear and tear within the first six months of purchase, contact our helpful customer service team and we will be able to discuss your next steps!

 pleaser shoe warranty

For all your Pleaser shoe styles, regular maintenance and correct storage is the best way to keep your shoes from aging prematurely and needing to be replaced. With proper care and attention, your favourite pair of pole dancing shoes can be kept in great condition and ensure they remain a part of your regular rotation for years to come!

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