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Empowerment and Artistry in Motion; The Answers to all your Pole Dancer Shoe Questions

Everything you need to know about pole dancing shoes!

With so many elements to pole dancing demanding the correct footwear, the choices can easily become overwhelming. Putting aside the need for style and eye-catching stage presence, the perfect pole dancing shoe should be one that is comfortable for you to wear during even the most sensual pole dancing routine, while offering support for beginner dancers through to those performing pole dance choreography for advanced dancers.

From what style to choose to promote body confidence at fitness pole classes to advice on the best pole dancer shoes for beginners, let’s tackle some of your questions!

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Why are platforms for pole dancing so high?

Well, as a style of dance, pole dancing requires the body to move in certain ways and for the dancer to exude confidence. To achieve this sensual movement, you need to be ready for building strength for pole dancing through practice, workouts, and the correct footwear. By having taller than average platform height, pole dancing high heels can help your posture, keep your movement fluid, and make you look great while doing it!

Pole dancing shoes are just as much a technical addition as they are a fashion addition to your pole style. For many dancers, a dramatic platform and heel height combo adds a sexy element to their onstage look and boost confidence.When you are on the stage, your confidence is your greatest asset!

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Can I pole dance wearing normal heels?

Some people, whether they are involved in sport pole or dance pole, find that regular high heels are more comfortable for them while in the initial pole dancing learning stage, as it helps with overcoming the fear of pole dancing. It can also be intimidating to see platform high heel styles usually worn, so a lower heel feels safer.

However, it is safer for you to pole dance barefoot rather than in regular high heels, as the average heel in your shoebox won’t help you with balance or movement in the same way. Starting with a lower platform and heel height option is a great compromise when initially getting into pole.

Are boots better for pole dancing?

Boots are very often the more popular choice for pole dancing, as they offer ankle support and toe protection, as well as enabling you to have a better grip and flow for your pole dancing tricks. Helping you to hold on to the pole during motion, boots are often considered the best pole dance shoes for beginners and those doing aerial pole.

Often worn in instructional demonstrations for how to do a pole dance invert or other pole dancing tricks, ankle boots are regarded as the best style for on-pole dancing techniques. Pole boots are available in a huge range of colour, pattern, and style options, making them a great addition to your pole uniform!

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Can I pole dance barefoot?

If you are beginning to learn pole dance at home or in a community studio, barefoot is the better choice if you can’t yet wear platform shoes. If you’ve done a search for ‘pole dance classes near me’ and are looking for somewhere to go and learn or are engaging in pole dance workout for cardio reasons, it is a good idea to ask your new pole community members what they suggest.

Dancing barefoot can help you with your grip, climbs, drops, and floorwork until you are ready to transition into more technically challenging moves like spins, a static hold, and even learning to invert.

What is the best material for pole shoes?

Shoes made with PVC or patent leather are the best for pole shoes, as they help you get a better grip. Whether you are looking for a pole dancing high heel to wear to a performance, or for completing pole dance challenges for Instagram, your patent leather shoes are an awesome choice to help you get the most from your performance.

Also being considerably cheaper than leather varieties, patent leather shoes are easier to replace and require much less maintenance.

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Why are Pleaser shoes better than other brands?

Internationally regarded as the gold standard for pole dancing shoes, Pleaser shoes are high quality and made specifically with pole dancing in mind. Inspired by the creativity of exotic dancing, Pleaser has a wide range that includes sandals, ankle boots, and more in colours and textures that will thrill you!

Easy to find and with sizing that is simple to navigate, Pleaser shoes also offers extended sizing in many styles, making them a great choice for both female and male pole dancers.

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Can my shoe be a bit tight, or a bit lose?

For safety and style reasons, making sure your pole dancing shoes fit well is very important. For the perfect fit, you are better off getting a shoe with a little tightness in it that you can stretch to match your foot rather than a shoe that is obviously too big. A shoe too small will lead to foot pain and damage, while a shoe too loose can cause injury while you’re dancing to your ankles or knees.

What inch heel and platform for best for beginners?

The platform high heel shoe that is best for beginner pole dancers is generally considered to be the 6-inch heel varieties. This platform and heel height is optimal as it allows you to get used to the extra height you need, while also giving you a sexy, elongated leg perfect for performing.


From the beginning of your pole dancing journey to your time as an expert or professional, the perfect pair of pole dancing shoes can make all the difference in your experience on the pole and off of it. Choose the best pair of shoes for you that fit well, look great, and make you feel like a star, and you're well on your way to perfection!

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