2024 Pole Dance Competitions in Australia

Pole Dancing Competitions in Australia

Upcoming Pole Dancing Competitions and Championships in Australia for your calendar!

pole dancer in Gold Coast Australia

For beginners looking for a way into the pole dancing world, or experienced dancers who love a new challenge; there are upcoming pole dancing events in Australia for the 2024 and 2025 year that will be exactly what you are looking for!

With pole dancing continuing to rise in popularity every year as an exercise, art, and career activity, it is little wonder that competitions are available around the country for performers of all skill levels!

From inner city Melbourne to the outskirts or Brisbane, the huge interest in pole dancing for men and women alike has led to an amazing nation-wide community of like-minded performers who are ready to take on a new challenge!

What Pole Dancing Events or Competitions are scheduled for 2024 so far?


Mr. Pole Dance Australia

The girls aren’t the only ones who get to have pole dance competition fun- the boys can have their turn to shine too! With the Mr Pole Dance Australia competition entering another year, there are amateur and professional categories available to ensure dancers of all skill levels get a chance to show off their amazing talents!

Check out the website for event details and performance rules, and secure your spot on the stage! For the extra edge, make sure you are wearing the best pair of men's pole dancing shoes for the comp and make a lasting impression!


nsw pole sport championship 2024

If you’re looking for your first competition, this is the one for you! Open to amateurs, this event is a fun way to dip your toe into the competition world and see how you enjoy competing among other skilled dancers!

With no entry video required, this is an event shy first-timers can feel confident attending! Follow the website for more information and updates as the competition date approaches. 


sexy's back pole competition

The Peach Pole Studio has once again began preparations for the Sexy Back competition! Focusing on the Aussie Showgirl Style, this competition focuses on dancers showcasing what sexy is to them; the whole show!

With judges focusing on not only tricks, transitions, and pole skills, but also the musicality, costumes, and concept, this comp is the chance you’ve been looking for to get your best outfit together and display your skills!



The ultimate regional-based competition for those who live or train within 40KM from the Melbourne CBD, the RPAC features 7 categories from junior dancers to elite, as well as dance only and doubles categories!

A family event, this competition is judged on the dancers’ ability to be entertaining while showcasing their pole skills, strength, stage presence, and presentation!

Pole Dancing Competitions 2025 Dates are Coming Soon


step up 2024 pole dance competition

Step Up is a social grade competition open to Amateur and semi-pro pole dancers and is a great opportunity to be judged on your skill and ability on the pole by knowledgeable judges! With a host of amazing professionals watching, you’ll be able to show off your talents and see how others perform!

Popular among the NSW pole dancing community, this competition requires a video entry to be considered, so check out the details and get your routine perfect for this fun event!



With both an amateur and semi-pro division open to new and return competitors, this competition is an 18+ event you’ll love to see! Thanks to the huge local community of pole dancers and enthusiastic supporters, this competition is a fun and playful event for dancers of every skill level and dance style to enjoy!

Find the perfect outfit, perfect your routine, and get ready to join the other talented performers on the stage! Take a look at the website and find the details necessary to help you get started!


frisk pole dance competition

Open to men and women, this social competition is one to look forward to! With both an Open and Amateur Division, there is a spot for everyone who wants to compete! No matter what your skill level, you’ll be welcomed by the assorted performers and can enjoy not only demonstrating the culmination of your hard work, but also watching others and their amazing techniques!

Don’t forget to check out the detailed info page, where you will find the cost of the entry fee, extra details, and much more!


hardcore pole championship 2024

Celebrating 10 years of pole dancing competition, the Hardcore Pole Championships is offering not only the chance to compete against other dancers, but also the chance to win double the usual cash prizes! With $1000 on offer to the champion, as well as lower value cash prizes to runner ups, this is the pole dancing event to add to your calendar!

Video auditions open on December 2024, and close March 2025, so get your routine ready to go and prepare for an awesome time. Set to be the biggest year yet for this annual competition, you won't want to miss this NSW pole dancing competition!


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Pole dancing competitions are an awesome chance to show off your skills and make new friends in the community! Whether you are looking to find your first competition as an amateur or something to challenge you as a semi-professional and above, there are competitions held around the country that will match your skill level and provide you with a new challenge!

Feel free to let us know in the comments about any other pole dancing competitions and events in Aaustralia!

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