A Shoe By Any Other Colour....

A Shoe By Any Other Colour....

Every day when you get dressed, you make a choice about what you are going to wear based on a few simple criteria; the context you are dressing for, and what makes you feel good. Whether you are dressing for work, comfort or play, the choices you make are more than just superficial. When you choose the right outfit, it is one that suits you, makes you feel confident, and that showcases a piece of who you are to everyone you see. Whether you mean to or not, these little choices create an image and give people an insight into who you really are. While every item you wear tells a story, one of the most telling features you can wear is definitely your shoes!

When you choose your shoes, you are finishing off your look and adding the final flourish that will almost always give you that final boost to get you on your way. A pair of simple heels to wear in the office, a comfortable pair of flats for the day, or a brilliant platformed wedge to give you height on your night out; any shoe you choose has the potential to communicate your personality immediately! While this happens in a lot of ways, the most obvious way that your shoes display your personality is through the colour you choose! Let’s take a look at what your shoe colour says about you!



The most popular colour choice, black shoes become a staple in every wardrobe from an early age with the typical school shoe being a plain black sneaker. As we age, a staple black school shoe becomes a staple black in every style, staying an essential part of your growing wardrobe and style because of its versatility. From black heels to flats, simple to extravagant, a black shoe paints quite the picture about its wearer. Classically elegant, a black shoe typically portrays a strong-willed, purposeful personality and also suggests power and authority.  For work or play, a black shoe is one not to be taken for granted!

Black Peep Toe Platforms Bella-30              Flapper Black Kitten Heels         Pleaser flamingo-809-2g 



Another very popular choice, a red shoe usually portrays a flirty, passionate, and ambitious personality. No matter what shade of red you go for, from an orange tinge to a deep crimson, a red shoe is one that exudes confidence and competitiveness from those who wear it. Be your flirty, powerful, passionate self in every environment; a red shoe suits any style you aim for and will certainly be the attention-grabber it sets out to be! Wear in a platformed heel for a sexy style, or in a ballet flat for a more ambitious touch to your look! No matter how you choose to wear it, the red you choose will showcase your wild side in every way.

pin up red shoes               Cramps Red Sandals       3" red heels


Similar to red, a pink shoe is for those with romantic ideals; a playful and confident personality that revels in attention. Friendly, bubbly, and outgoing, the typical pink shoe wearer is one that perfectly straddles the line between flirty and innocent to be both fun and loving! Brilliant for showcasing the playful but innocent sides of your personality, pink is a versatile colour that never fails to showcase the complexly feminine personality of the wearer!

Sky-308 Baby Pink Platform Sandals               Teeze-06R Hot Pink Rhinestone Pumps           Witch Cage Wedge Pink Boots



Optimistic, sensible, and with high standards, a white shoe exudes confidence with every wear. With nowhere to hide, a white shoe has the potential to show every imperfection, leaving those who wear it to come across as sincere, confident and friendly. With options ranging from crisp white to cream and beige, a white shoe is classic and elegant, and suits any style thanks to its neutrality. Classically used to portray innocence, a white shoe is a chance to showcase your authentic personality in every style.


victorian wedding shoes         pin up white shoes               Concealed Platform Pumps Tan Teeze-06


When it comes to colours, yellow can be the loudest and most attention-grabbing there is. In a shoe, this is no different! Typically worn by someone bubbly, creative, fun-loving and independent, a yellow shoe is a way to show your fun side! In every style, yellow is perfect for the times when you want your playful side on display and are ready to let your flirty and fun personality shine! The colour of the sun and reminiscent of summer, yellow is worn by those with a strong personality who love the attention a bright colour brings! When you wear yellow in your sky-high heels, your cute flats, or in a simple sandal, you are letting your inner spirit shine brightly for all to see!

Neon Yellow Classic Stilettos Amuse-20                                          Sky-308 Gold Platform Sandals



Practical, generous, kind and social; your green shoe says a lot about the type of person you are! Linked with nature for obvious reasons, those who wear a green shoe are conscientious and considerate, but also playful and friendly. From a dark emerald showcasing classy and sensual personality traits to a bright green suggesting that you are spirited and confident, every shade of green highlights your approachability and down-to-earth attitude.

Teeze-06R Green Rhinestone Pumps              Flapper Mint Kitten Heels             Neon Green Classic Stilettos Amuse-20



From navy to aqua and shades of purple too, the colour blue is always the perfect way to express your confidence, sincerity and reliability. Often worn by those in power such as royalty, a blue shoe in any of the lighter or darker shades is one that captures and displays your elegance, authority and poise. Highlight your loyalty, creativity, emotional and sensitive traits, and sophistication with the wide array of blue and purple shades. Let your decadent, bold and genuine self be known when you find the perfect blue shoe!

8" blue heels        Sky-308 Purple Platform Sandals        anchor heels


With so many options, it is hard to pinpoint any one colour that showcases exactly who you are! So why not experiment; find that colour that feels like your own, and explore the different ways to highlight your personality in the way you like the best!  

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