Interesting Demonia shoes

The Strangest Demonia Boots Ever Made

Demonia is known for its creative footwear creations that perfectly capture alternative style. Made to grab attention and stand out, these shoes were designed with passion and demand to be seen.

Making Gothic Dreams a Reality; Demonia’s Wildest Designs

With a massive catalogue that spans from simple to ornate, the Demonia range has some truly amazing shoes that must be seen to be believed. Below, we take a look at some of the strangest shoe designs to grace the alternative shoe market!

Monster Boots

Firmly securing its spot in the top three on the list of Demonia’s wildest shoe designs, this monster boot is equal parts hilarious and creative! Featuring an eye on the tongue of the boot, fluffy adornments and a playful mouth image to create a monster, this platform boot is weird and wonderful!


Starting with something fun, special, and a little unique; the Mega-602 is a knee-high boot with a killer platform and a lace-up front that works well for any gender! While not as outlandish as some others on this list, there is something truly memorable about this boot that will stay with you long after you’ve stopped wearing it!


Easily one of the sexiest shoes on this list, the women’s Demonia creeper inspired platform wedge definitely pushes boundaries! With the leopard print panel and silver skull buckles, this is a punk rock women’s shoe that dares to be different.


A visual spectacle made to suit any fashion need for Goths, the interchangeable panels of this vegan-leather mid-calf boot mean you can create any mood you want! With one panel covered in red flames, another in silver spikes, the third in black pyramid spikes, and a simple fourth, Transformer-800 boot is a creative masterpiece.



Definitely one that’s hard to forget, the cage and ball gag detailing on this mid-calf boot makes for a shoe that you can build a really creative outfit around. Earning its place on this list with a unique, caged leg design that screams for attention, this boot is perfect for so many events!


Nothing says cheeky gothic fun like a ball gag shoe, and this creeper is a sure-fire way to make an impression. One to make the elderly clutch their pearls in public, this shoe channels some familiar aspects of the BDSM community and combines them with the sleek style of a creeper to make something truly memorable!


Slipping into position on this list of strange Demonia boots is the Emily-377, a bondage-inspired boot that can be worn as a simple black platform boot or something a little more edgy. Channeling bondage pants with detachable straps that join the boots, these boots have a wild energy!


Glittering and shining their way into Demonia’s catalogue, this platform knee high boot is not only a showstopper in regular lighting, but thanks to the UV reactive upper is something amazing. With an outlandishly demanding upper, this boot is not at all shy!


Why settle for a boot with old-school patterns or designs when you can have something that causes heads to turn and take a second look! Thanks to puffed horns placed around the upper, this Demonia boot comes in a few different colour options that make your dreams or weird shoes come true.


In a world of unique designs, this boot manages to be truly unhinged! Covered in UV reactive fluffy material and manic googly eyes, Demonia really decided to go all out with the details of this boot. Possibly the strangest style they offer, Demonia has made a shoe that captures the wild and sometimes insane energy that makes fashion fun!

Whether you’ve been keeping a keen eye on a style, or you already have the pair on your feet, which do you think is the most interesting Demonia boot?

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