10 Inches Heels & Boots


      10-inch Heels: Towering Height for Sexy Style

      A super high platform and heel combo is a women’s high heel style that is both sexy and mesmerising, and this assortment of women’s 10-inch high heels guarantees that you will always be the centre of attention!

      Perfect for brave shoe lovers looking to try something unique, this style of eye-wateringly high platform women’s shoes is well worth the practice it takes to master them! Whether you are looking for a black dominatrix thigh-high boot that will let your inner boss take over, a rich red pair of 10-inch heels to match a specific costume, or for a sexy pair of pink platform boots to wear on stage, these 10-inch heels are for you! For pole dancers, exotic dancers, performers, and enthusiastic amateurs, a 10-inch heel is a dramatic addition to your look that exudes power, confidence, and a shockingly racy attitude!

      While we believe everyone should enjoy whatever style makes them feel their best, for extra safety when attempting this intense style, we recommend starting at a lower heel height and slowly increasing inches based on your comfort and skill level. With practice, a 10-inch heel is not only achievable but a showstopping element you will love achieving!