Mule Heels

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      Mules: Slip into something more comfortable!

      As a shoe without any heel or rear constraints, the mule heel is a comfortable style that easily transitions between casual and formal. Easy to slip on without breaking your stride, a woman’s mule is a popular style for all ages that is perfect for a day shopping with your friends, date night, or a formal event such as a wedding! With many different styles of the shoe available from colourful feathers and rhinestone additions to sophisticated gloss uppers and clear heels, there is something for everyone to match your own unique fashion look!

      What type of Mules do we have?

      We have a wide and varied range of mules available, from simple and elegant platform mules with gloss uppers to sexy and playful marabou mules with their colourful feathered designs. From low heels to stiletto possibilities, there is no end to the options you can choose from! Whether you prefer a synthetic vegan white mule for your wedding or engagement party, or a sexy clear and red bow slipper for your Valentine's date night, we have you covered!

      Where can I wear a Mule Heel?

      A mule is such a versatile shoe, it is perfect for not only wear at the office with your favourite dress or pants, but also for casual day wear with a cute sundress, parties, evening events, and even a wedding! Enjoying a current resurgence in popularity, the mule is an all-weather style that adds class and elegance to any outfit. Whether you pair them with something sexy to make you feel feminine and flirty, or with a more casual look for a chic moment, a mule is always a great shoe choice.

      Are Mule Heels comfortable?

      As a slip-on shoe, mules are very comfortable to wear for people of all ages, shoe sizes, and proficiency in heel wearing! Whether you choose a low or high heel style, mules are easy to wear for long events, and do not leave you with the uncomfortable feeling you can experience with closed in high heels! With so many options of mules available, it is easy to find the perfect fit for you.

      How does shipping of the mules work in Australia?

      Receiving your new pair of mules has ever been easier! With Afterpay and Zippay available to make purchasing as easy with the click of a button, our fast and free shipping to Australia and New Zealand means you will be able to enjoy your newest pair of high heel mules before you know it! If you find that your new mules aren’t the right fit, with our easy returns and exchange policy we can have a pair of mules in a new size sent out to you, so you’ll be ready for your next event in no time!