From the Battlefield to a Fashion Icon: Combat Boots as a Staple Style

From the Battlefield to a Fashion Icon: Combat Boots as a Staple Style

Combat boots have a long and interesting history, beginning as a boot worn by soldiers during war time as a way to protect their feet and keep them supported during physically demanding times.

A classic design that began as a necessity, these boots soon became a staple style for both men and women to enjoy. Easy to style for casual and formal events, the humble combat boot continues to be the first-grabbed shoe from many Alternative, Gothic, Punk, and mainstream fashion styles.

The Evolution of Combat Boots

Combat boots, easily recognised by their solid sole, mid-calf upper, and lace fastening, may be a part of most people’s shoe collections now, but they weren’t always so mainstream.

Beginning in the early days of footwear, these boots were made as a protective style for soldiers who needed to stay covered and secure while travelling and fighting. With the invention of new materials, combat boots continued to be upgraded to provide more support and protection for the wearer.

By the time they were being worn by solders around the world in WWI, the shoe had become most like the modern style we know today. With the evolution of the combat boot being refined during WWII and beyond to include secure straps, thick soles, leather uppers, and zips for a secure fit, the boots you know and love today are the produce of years of experience.

Combat Boots in Pop Culture

While the combat boot has always been worn by soldiers and those in the military as a functional shoe, the emergence of this style of shoe as a piece of fashion footwear is one to behold!

Originally drawn into Pop Culture with the rise in popularity of the Punk Rock scene, combat boots quickly became a firm favourite of the Grunge Movement, 90’s fashion, and edgy modern style.

Starting with musicians, the wearing of combat boots for musical performances and music videos added an extra element to grunge art and introduced the style to a new audience.

From there 90’s fashion evolved, and combat boots were being seen in mainstream media with film and television characters rocking the style, musicians wearing them for concerts, and models wearing the boots in shoots! We even saw celebrities wearing combat boots on the red carpet, as well as in paparazzi shots.

Modern Day Combat Boots and Where to Wear Them

Whilst still recognisable for their staple features such as thick soles, lace-up fastenings, and above the ankle height, modern combat boot styles can be found with interesting colour uppers, fun textures, added designs, and accessories that make them perfect for almost any event.

Remarkably versatile, a pair of combat boots can be worn by both men and women in many different social situations, such as:

  • Work: From retail and hospitality roles to creative fields, security and law enforcement, and even construction, combat boots in the workplace can be a functional fashion statement!
  • Daily Life: With people if all ages looking amazing in a pair of combat boots, they make for an easy wear at School, a night out, and even when travelling!
  • Festivals & Concerts: Take your combat boots back to their grunge roots and wear them at a concert! Wear boots with a high platform to make sure you can always see the stage or be ready to dance all night long at a rave in a pair of colourful combat boots.

What Famous Brands Sell the Most Fashionable Combat Boots?

Brands all around the world have taken part in constructing their own take on the combat boot. By tapping into this market, they have been able to create new styles of this staple shoe that are unique to them! Some of the most famous brands to put out combat boot collections and designs include:

  • Demonia: The leaders of alternative boots, Demonia offers a huge range of high quality combat boots in unique colours, textures, and styles that demand attention!
  • Doc Martens: Synonymous with high quality alternative footwear, Doc Martens is one of the most highly respected shoe brands offering boots in the world. New Rock Boots: Edgy and cool, New Rock Boots are uniquely designed to appeal to the most dramatic and theatrical fashion lovers!
  • Steelground: Iconic, the Steelground combat boot is made by passionate crreatives who love finding new ways to showcase style and personality!
  • Timberland: Offering boots in a wide range of colour options that would make even the most conservative shoe lover drool, Timberland excels in offering functional, comfortable boots that look amazing!
  • Palladium: Palladium boots have been in production for decades and have been a firm favourite for adventurous spirits. From travelling to work, Palladium boots are a combat boot to live in!
  • Red Wing Shoes: Designed to be fully functional regardless of how active your lifestyle is, Red Wing Shoes are a workman’s boot that look great and feel even better. Protective and stylish, these boots are perfect for construction!

Initially made as a functional way to protect the feet of soldiers, combat boots have moved from a style of footwear exclusively for a certain purpose to one that is still functional but enjoyed by all.

Popular among Gothic, Punk, and Alternative fashion groups as well as those with active lifestyles and careers, the modern combat boot style is a way to express strength, individuality, and attitude. Sturdy style meets functional design to create a shoe that is a visual treat for all ages and style lovers!


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