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Creeper Shoes - Military Style into Fashion!

An amazing alternative style shoe, the Creeper is ideal for all your fashion needs. For both men and women, Creeper shoes are easily recognized by their thick soles, suede upper, and lace up fastening.

Available in a huge range of colour, pattern, and material options, Creepers are popular for Punks, Goths, and Rockabilly style lovers. No matter how you choose to style them, your pair of Creeper shoes are never the wrong choice.

creeper shoes

What are creeper shoes?

Also known as Brothel Creepers, this popular style is categorized by the thick, crepe soles that make up the lower platform of the shoe, and the fabric or leather upper.

Chunky and classic, this style is a true unisex shoe perfect for men and women to enjoy in a range of ways. Pairing a chunky, thick platform with an expressive upper, these shoes are easily worn in both formal and casual settings and are popular for all ages.

While the classic creeper is a simple upper paired with the token platform, there are many different styles on offer that will appeal to everyone!

For example, the wedge creeper ankle boot is an awesome choice for some feminine creeper style, while the extended upper of a platform sneaker can be the ideal gothic boot you’ve been looking for!

creeper styles

How do creeper shoes turn Military style into fashion?

Inspired by the thick-soled shoes of British soldiers in the North African desert during World War 2, Creeper shoes were brought back to England by these men after the war ended due to how comfortable they were to wear.

With the thick soles offering protection from the elements, creepers were great for avoiding damage in the extreme heat while still being a functional boot. Over time, this design has evolved to become the range of cool shoes we recognize today. From the classic creeper shoe design to more flamboyant.

What subcultures wear creeper shoes?

Creeper shoes are an incredibly popular style for almost all alternative fashion subcultures.

From the retro fashion of a Rockabilly outfit to a modern take on a classic Gothic shoe, the creeper is a versatile piece of footwear.

For Rockabilly style, there are amazing black leather creepers, leopard print creepers, white creepers, and even some blue suede creepers Elvis himself sang about!

If you are searching for a Gothic shoe, there are chain, bat-wing, and lace decorated creepers that are an awesome choice.

Whether you are more reserved in your style or prefer to stand out, the creeper is a versatile shoe that fits in with your individual fashion aesthetic easily. In 2015, a collaborative shoe line by Rihanna and Puma was launched; this Puma Creeper line went on to win Shoe of the Year in 2016, cementing creepers as a fashion staple.

Whether you choose a Demonia creeper, or something more mainstream, everyone suits a creeper.

What are the best creeper brands to buy?

With so many brands offering creeper styles in their catalogues, it can be overwhelming choosing the right store to purchase your new shoes from. You want a solid, quality shoe at a reasonable price, that will not only look great but will feel great too! In the huge range of brands offering creepers, these few are hard to ignore!


demonia creeper shoes

Vegan, cruelty free shoes are the hallmark of the Demonia range, and their creepers are no exception. One of the most famous alternative shoe brands, Demonia offers a massive, ever-expanding range of gothic, rockabilly, and retro creepers that are a treat to the eye and pocket!

While most of the Demonia creeper range are black in various designs, there are also many colour and style options available to keep you interested. From animal print uppers to feminine purple and sexy lace, Demonia creepers cover a range of fashions.

Whether you want a low platform men’s creeper, a woman’s platform wedge creeper, or a chunky platform creeper with dramatic details, Demonia is the brand for you. Offering many unisex designs, finding the correct size for you is important; the Demonia sizing guide can ensure you find the best shoe for you!

T.U.K. Shoes

tuk shoes

Offering a huge range of colour options and many different styles, the T.U.K. Shoes creepers are an affordable option that doesn’t compromise style.

Whether you are looking for a cool creeper in a rich burgundy, or a classic black and white wingtip creeper design for a wedding or event, T.U.K. Shoes have an enviable range of unisex shoes that are perfect for all your alternative shoe needs.

Offering both vegan and real leather options, the classic style of a creeper has been respected and re-imagined in cool ways with this collection. From ankle boots to the usual, easily recognizable style, your T.U.K. creepers will always elevate your look in the best way!

Learn more about T.U.K Footwear!

Underground England


A classic brand, the Underground England creeper is a firm favourite for those in need of alternative shoe designs. Modeled on the classic traditional brother creeper, the range of shoes offered by this brand is cool, charming, and very loved.

Popular among celebrities such as Rita Ora, Rihanna, and many British bands, the Underground Creeper is a unisex range that is a staple of fashion bloggers and never out of style. Offering three different sole thicknesses, the Underground England creeper range is comfortable and stylish for every generation of goth and punk wearer.

Last Words

Creepers are one of the most versatile alternative shoe styles on the market, easily transforming any goth or punk look into something special. From traditional designs to more elaborate and creative shoe styles, the creeper is made for wearing proudly. Find your style and wear your pair of creepers with confidence everywhere you go.

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