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Types of Boots and Where to Wear Them

Exploring the Different Styles of Women's Boots and Where Best to Wear Them

In the world of women’s boots, there are many different styles of shoes available. From simple ankle boots to dramatic thigh high women’s styles, there are boot styles perfect for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a comfortable low heel style, or something with a stiletto high heel to make you feel powerful, the wide range of women’s boot styles available leave you with endless choices!

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Types of Boots

Platform Boots

Platform boots cover a wide range of styles, from Demonia wedge platform Gothic boots you can wear to a music festival, chunky heel platform boots that are great for cosplay, and sexy platform ankle boots that are great for pole dancing lessons or for pairing with your hottest outfit for a hen’s night. Once you learn how to walk in platform boots, you’ll be finding an excuse to wear them at every event!

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Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are always a sexy shoe choice, with the upper reaching well above the knee and up to the highest part of the thigh. While many thigh high boots are created with a platform or a high heel, there are many low heel and single sole thigh high boot options available. A thigh high boot is a fun addition to any outfit and is suited to special occasions such as performances or even to make yourself feel like the centre of attention at your next party!

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Over The Knee Boots

Not to be confused with the thigh high boots, over the knee boots are a beautiful style that can be a fun item to wear! Extending, as the name suggest, over the knee, this style of women’s boot are often found in either high heel or platform boot options. An over the knee boot with a chunky heel or platform are great for wearing to gigs, while sexy high heel stiletto over the knee boots can be worn in professional environments or with a fun outfit on a night out.

Over The Knee Boots

Winklepickers Boots

Winklepicker boots are easily recognisable for their pointed toe, ankle high upper, and low heel. This Gothic Victorian-inspired shoe style is great for your cosplay, costume, and themed events or simply for adding some vintage flair to your personal wardrobe.


Combat Boots

Combat boots are flat sole, lace-up boots that can reach from the ankle to the knee and even occasionally can be found in a thigh high style, such as some Demonia boots. Combat boots are a unisex style that can be worn in professional settings including an office, retail store, or lab, casual events like a friend’s birthday party or a bar, or more formal occasions such as alternative weddings. Learn more about combat boots!


combat boots

Biker Boots

Biker boots are a tough unisex style in a similar vein to combat boots, but which often include additional details such as adorning chains, strong buckles, panelling, and straps. Women’s biker boots are a versatile addition to your collection and can be styled in any way you like, from wearing with a flowy summer dress for a unique look to wearing with your tight pants and an oversized jacket for a rockstar look.

Riding Boots

Riding boots never go out of style and are great for adding casual elegance to your day. Characterised as a boot that reaches between the ankle and the knee, and was originally modelled for wear riding horses, the riding boot is a chic piece of fashion that can be worn with a short skirt and oversized coat at the office, with skinny jeans and a tucked in shirt for casual cool running errands, or with a flirty dress at the races!

Oxford Boots

Oxford shoes are a more formal style of shoe that leans towards unisex. This style of boot has maintained popularity over the years and is a great boot to wear for many different occasions. To style a women’s oxford boot, pants and skirts in neutral colours will be a great pairing at events with a smart casual dress code, as well as a fitted top such as a tailored button-down shirt.

Stiletto Heel Boots

Boots with a high, thin stiletto heel are a great fashion choice to make for weddings, special occasions, and for showcasing your sexy side at casual events. Wear to work, at a function, or wherever you would like to stand out! Stiletto boots can be worn with fitted pants, under a flowing skirt, to highlight your legs in a mini skirt, or with a fitted dress.

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High Heel Boots

High heel boots are fun and easy to wear, and are different from the popular stiletto boot thanks to a thicker heel. High heel boots can come in many forms, such as chunky heel boots, kitten heel boots, platform high heel boots, and more. The versatility of a high heel boot makes it perfect for your wardrobe as they can be worn with your office style outfit at work, with jeans and your favourite on brand top for your casual events, and with more formal outfits for special occasions.

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Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a popular style for all ages, easily recognisable for their upper which ends at the ankle. Ankle boots can be found in close toe, open toe, caged, and lace-up styles and range from feminine to masculine in their presentation. Whether you choose a platform or single sole ankle boot style, women’s ankle boots match well with fitted, loose, long, or short clothing options and are great for parties, office work, pole dancing, formal events, cosplay, and many more occasions!

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Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are categorised as a style that reaches just below the knee. This includes high heel styles, stiletto boots, wedge heels, platform knee high boots, and more. Knee high boots can be sexy, playful, or serious depending on the boot you choose. High heel knee high boots can be great in the office paired with a pencil skirt, knee high gogo boots are ideal at a costume party, and sexy platform stiletto heel knee high boots are a great choice for exotic dancing!

Sneaker Boots

Sneaker boots are a fun, flirty style that turns a sneaker into a cool boot for women to enjoy! Available in many colours and displaying the fun lace-up fastening that sneakers are known for; this type of boot is great for wearing with your skinny jeans to take a casual look a little further, and with a short black skirt for a fun nighttime look.

sneaker boots

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots for women are fun, flirty, and functional! Originally worn when working with horses for protection thanks to their mid-calf reach, small heel, and occasional cool patterns, cowboy boots are a great fashion choice. Wear with the traditional jeans and white or button-down shirt for some country chic style at casual events, with a short dress for a day with friends, or even under your wedding dress for a country themed wedding to remember!


There are many different types of high heels to choose from, and whether you are just looking for something special to add to your collection or for something specific for a planned event you will always be spoiled for choice. From demure riding boots that offer a classy style to a sexy stiletto high heel boot to wear at a party, the massive range of high heel boots for women includes something for everyone to enjoy.

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