The Difference Between High Heels and Stilettos

The Difference Between High Heels and Stilettos

Understand the difference and choose the right shoe for you!

There are so many different styles of high heel shoes on the market for women to wear and enjoy, so finding a style you are happy with that matches your style needs can be overwhelming. To make choosing your new pair of heeled shoes easier is understanding the differences between high heels and stilettos to ensure you can narrow down your search and source the best pair for you!

What are High Heels?

High heels are a style of shoe that elevates the heel of the foot with either a thin, thick, or wedged area to add extra height to the wearer’s frame. The term high heel is incredibly versatile, and incapsulates a huge array of shoe styles. There are many varieties of high heels available that include wedges, chunky heels, thin heels, kitten heels, and more.

With the history of high heel shoes dating back beyond imagination, this is a staple style that is very popular for both men and women.

High heels can include low, medium, and high heights and can come in styles such as booties, ankle boots, thigh high boots, and sandals. A high heel can be cute, fun, playful, and easy to wear for casual and formal events alike.

example of high heels

What are Stilettos?

Stiletto heels are a type of heel; the classic stiletto is a very thin and long high heel style that is generally taller than regular pumps or high heels.

A common rule of thumb to identify a stiletto is that it is taller than 3-inches and the heel is less than 1cm in diameter at the ground. This makes for a very skinny heel that takes practice to wear. In fact, many regard the stiletto as the staple heel worn by women with confidence and style due to the practice and confidence it can take to wear them.

A stiletto heel is a classic, timeless style; stiletto high heels are usually considered more formal than casual and are ideal for special occasions.

example of stiletto

What is the difference between stilettos and high heels?

There are a few ways in which high heels and stilettos are different types of shoes: · High heels include a variety of heel styles; a stiletto is a specific type of heel

  • High heels can be chunky and thicker; stilettos taper to less than 1cm (about 0.39 in) at the bottom
  • A stiletto is considered the sexiest and classiest of heel styles
  • High heels include lower, more accessible styles
  • A high heel can be any height, from a short kitten heel to a dramatic platform high heel
  • A stiletto is generally at least 3-inches tall

Whether you choose a stiletto high heel or another general high heel style, there is no wrong way to style yourself if you are confident and comfortable in your high heel choice! With each shoe offering a different vibe, making the choice between a stiletto and a high heel of another variety can change your whole look in new ways!

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