Pleaser Australian Size Conversion

Pleaser Australian Size Conversion

Pleaser offers the most sexy and exotic shoes in the world. Their shoes are extremely sexy and they are very comfortable, provided that you buy the right size. The sizing is the most confusing part of Pleaser shoes for Australians. Australia is not a big shoe manufacturer and most of the shoes are coming from the USA. We believe the Australian size and USA sizes are similar, but the original Pleaser size chart shows, “the Australian size is half size smaller than the USA size." It is very confusing.

OtherWorld Shoes made a new size chart for Australian customers.


Pleaser size chart


I believe; Everyone has 2 different shoe sizes or even maybe 3. Your sneaker size, open toe size, high heels size, and boots size are all different.You can't buy your these shoes by comparing your sneaker shoe size.

Check your shoes in the house and try to find a similar type of shoe that you want to purchase from Pleaser. Find the size and their brand and then look up the brand's size chart online. Then, compare with our size chart.

Sizes might be different from collection to collection and companies don’t usually provide different instructions for different collections. It might make people more confused. Don't hesitate to ask to them. They sell hundreds shoes every year so they should have a good idea of what size you should order.


Five Tips When You Buy Pleaser Shoes Online 

1. Measure Your Feet

Check instructions below and find your foot measurements then compare with the size chart. Always measure both feet because one of them might be bigger than the other one. 


How to measure your foot

2. If You Wear Half Sizes

For example: If your shoe size is 8 but you sometimes can fit into a 7.5 or 7, you should buy size 8 Pleaser shoes.

If your shoe size is 8, but If you sometimes fit an 8.5, you should buy size 9 Pleaser shoes.


3. Narrow or Round Toe Shoes

If the boot or shoe has a narrow toe area, it is better to go to 1 size up.

narrow toe

If the boot or shoe has a round toe (Mary Jane style), stay with your original size.

Round toe

4. Insoles

If size 6 is too small and size 7 is too big, or your shoes arrived and they are little bit bigger than you expected, you can try insoles for a perfect fit.

5. Order 2 sizes

If you are not sure about your shoe size and you don't have time to exchange them, order 2 different sizes and return one of them. It only costs you extra return shipping, but you will find your shoe size for our shoes.

6. You can Stretch Your Pleasers

You can stretch your Pleaser shoes with some tricks. Learn How!

Pleaser also has different collections: Demonia, Funtasma, Pin Up Couture, Devious, Fabulicious. As I said before, it depends on the shoe type. Most of the Demonia combat boots or Funtasma costume shoes or Mary Jane style shoes fit your true size.

Pleaser has thousands of different styles; you might order the wrong size on your first order (and have to wait for an exchange), but after that you will find your true size for the Pleaser brand and you can order more shoes without a problem. And don’t forget: the friendly staff at OtherWorld Fashion are always happy to help you with your sizing questions. 

Please comment on your experience about Pleaser Australian size conversion here and help other people find their perfect size.

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