Pleaser Delight Collection

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      Pleaser Delight Series - Perfect for Beginners

      Popular among beginners, the Pleaser Delight Series of platform high-heel sandals, boots, and slides are a gorgeous addition to your collection. Whether you are a beginner to platform high heels or a seasoned veteran, the Delight range is the perfect comfort high heel for all occasions!

      What is the Delight Series?

      The Pleaser Delight range of shoes is easily recognisable thanks to its staple 6-inch-high heel and one 3/4-inch platform. Available in a range of style options, including the Delight-1020 ankle boot, the Delight-609 platform sandal, and the Delight-3000 platform thigh-high boot, this beginner-friendly heel and platform height shoe range is ever-expanding to include new style, colour, and texture options!

      Why Wear Delight Series Shoes?

      The Delight high heel range is the perfect height for beginners to platform heels. Whether you are taking a pole dancing class, needing extra height for an event, or looking for a stage shoe for your burlesque act, the Delight heels are a comfortable height for learning how to balance and walk in a platform shoe while looking fabulous!